Game freezing with Intel i3 / Dual core CPUs

yup its sad to see, i thought they would fix it by official release. many people reported it then


Same problem Core I3 4150 Rx 470 8 Ram , this are my exact same specs for OW1 and it was great

30 FPS seems to make it less likely to occurs but still did occur to me in practice range.


Why iam the only one with i7 cpu have this problem

You need to open a new thread for that.

Omg when did this thread get so big
Did they find something so far?

I was wrong, it’s not map specific. Just crashed on Lijiang after spending half an hour trying to get into the game. Crashing gets more consistent during the evening. 3pm I can play at least one game. 9pm I can sit in the menu then freeze out of the game first attempt to play.

Seems like the only option is hope something’ll get fixed before Overwatch 3.


I’m having the same problem with i5

It’s already open but no one seems to response

I noticed it happening when the CPU reach its first 100% usage , as long as it doesn’t hit the 100% it works keep on working but if spiked even for a second to 100% it freezes and stops, so basically depends of the effects the CPU is rendering at the same time , if out of no where let’s say everyone used his ult and they are all wide Area of effect it will freeze.


Blizzard in a nutshell well here too it is the same but more people replying I Guess.

it will get resolved quickly… COPIUM
we will be able to play on the weekend… COPIUM


Does anyone know when this problem is gonna get fixed? Pls tell me asap

Well its been an issue since Beta, difference now is that more people are affected by it so hopefully soon


since it’s been quite a lot of new responses - if you want a quick fix, turn off hyperthreading in your BIOS, it will cause you to lose a lot of FPS but you’ll be able to play, wouldn’t recommend this though as it slows your system down, just in case you want to play the game in any way

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will this cause any problems in future ?

Thanks for the tip i have a kinda low end pc so ill probably pass on that guess ill just need to wait for a patch then

I tried the -threads 2 command line and capped fps at 100, i could play for a few hours with no problem


I’ve been following this thread, and some others in reddit since launch, and i’ve tried a ton of common workarounds that i know, and that others shared, but as for now, i finally managed to play with no freezes, running on a Pentium G5400 (“not supported”, but as long you have the power to run, it should run right? lol). I’m still trying to pinpoint some few things.

Currently, what works for me is: locking 30FPS, disable dynamic scale, and set overwatch.exe to real-time priority. (also, HT is ON)
Tested and discarded : “-threads 2” line, HT off, high/low settings, windowed/fullscreen.
As for background apps, only discord is running, and any overlays is disabled.

There shouldn’t be problems with Pentium series CPU, since OW2 doesnt seems to require AVX (which intel didnt allow pentium users to have)

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Using the -threads 2 launch option has greatly improved stability, if not fixed the issue entirely for me (i3 7100, 1050ti).
It’s too early to tell for sure but so far in testing I am no longer getting the telltale stutters/hitching and have not crashed yet out of 2 games + some training range testing. No notable performance hit.

5 games in, still no crash. This seems to be the solution that works for me.

EDIT: Game 6, crash. Seems to have crashed in a new way, however, one that’s less ‘severe’ and was able to be ‘caught’ by windows and closed trivially without needing to use task manager.

EDIT 2: It’s back to crashing nearly instantly again. Nice while it lasted.


hmmm i tried it but still the same