Game ends, quit game, start game

'twas a joke my friend, my honest opinion is there are more pressing things that need changing in this game then pandering to impatient people, proper colourblind mode for one example


if you can wasted 10 mins of your live playing games then you can waste another 1 to wait for that


Rather than starting the next round right away, I’d prefer something of an incentive for staying after the round more than anything if anything were to be done. Something like… a few bits of gold, or perhaps some additional exp.

But I just enjoy staying after the round, talking to who’s left, voting, and watching Play of the Game. I think it’s a shame that so many people are too impatient, especially if they’re already playing the game for so many hours a day.


I’ll have to look that up. That’s a good reason, I suppose. I would have programmed it differently. I’m not sure what needs to be resolved at the end of the match.
I will say that it takes me at least 30 seconds to join another game regardless if I leave or stay. Staying in the end game sequence doesn’t seem to shorten the length of the queue.
Anyway, constructive answer, I’ll look for more info about that.

It’s not even 1 minute!!! :laughing::ok_hand:


Where do you draw the line? 2 minutes? 5? Most people would rather play the game if they could. Even if it is only one minute, it’s 1 minute out of 10 that the match lasts. Literally 10% of your time is waiting for an arbitrary voting mechanism to finish.

Automatic requeue toggle + “Are you ready?” confirmation dialogue when a game is found = fix that fits everyone

Devs: “But we put so much work into this cool screen! PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE US”

Naysayers need to realize that sometimes people get hit with a random game suspension for “leaving early”.

I actually just stay to get consecutive XP… or to allow time to run to grab snacks. :thinking:


While i dont think Potg’s and the commendation process should be skipped. I do think You should be able to immediately search for another game during all of it.

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Thanks for that useful post. It’s interesting to see how many people in that post reinforced my opinion of the “end of round flow”, including one that said they’d prefer the voting be completely removed if it got them to the next game quicker.

I just said it’s not even a minute, so there’s no reason to discuss for this. :grin:

Yeah, if the match was horrible, I want out NOW.

A button to leave when finished would be nice so you don’t accidentally leave before EXP and get a leaver penalty. Just bail the very second bailing is available. If the match was awful I want to get out ASAP.


Well, we only get BS lying stats like medals at the end of the game. I typed alot and backspaced, it’s not worth it. Competitive is simply quickplay with a higher diceroll of a CHANCE at teamplay.

You gotta wait at least until POTG is over to leave, otherwise you look incredibly salty.


Yeah cuz i want to wait for the complete defeat while i watch the ATK TORB on my team soaks up the POTG for hammering away on his turret.

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Regarding streamers, dead times help streamers to speak with their viewers. It’s inconvenient to have OW playing in the background along with their music playlist and at the same time trying to answer questions as fast as you can. For example, xQc does not quit to answer “easy” questions, but he leaves whenever the questions include sensitive content such as criticizing Pros or speaking about OWL. It was a lesson he learnt after Muma incident. Also, a large proportion leaves because they are frustrated from being stomped (which happens regularly in OW), so they use this time to chill down.

Personally I NEVER leave to present to an other player’s happiness. Small things like “wp” for the POTG even if we lost gives courage and promotes positiveness.

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You already have an option. Click the “Leave Game” button in the upper right corner then click the menu option to requeue. If anything from what I see, the winning team after hangs around watching all the cards and stats while the losing team bails right before the “DEFEAT” or during the PotG.

Twitch streamers are a very very small fraction of the player base. Just because this less than 1% of people do something doesn’t mean everyone wants it like that.

This is like how Bliz say they are increasing Shield bash CD by 20%