Game Crashing at Optimized Levels

I just got a new computer, and my game keeps crashing to my desktop (sometimes crashing the PC) halfway through the game, no matter if it’s quickplay or arcade. On my new computer, I’m using Windows 11, I have all the proper specs, and I’ve made absolutely sure that my video drivers are up to date. I have a 2080 ti, and I’m using Nvidia’s optimization settings in-game. I also had nothing open in the background the last time I played. I also repaired Overwatch despite installing it very recently, but no luck. When the game last crashed, it gave me this Report ID: 75594286-FE47-4FD3-BC40-633D5154C425.

We cant use those error codes on the forum, they are meant for the ticket system.

On the forum, follow the steps pinned here:

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