Game crashes with below error id

Hi , I have just updated my pc and after new OW2 instalation my game keeps crashing with below errod ID
46802FFB-1801-4F20-84A5-05D6AED568BB and FC0CA6AA-24B1-4C43-84D9-FDD364A05EFD nad A38CC92D-508D-4AB4-A9A0-9EBCF8DF5C69 , E4A6A89C-2AAB-40E5-A89D-D99DC9713C93

PLs help

That error ID doesn’t really help us regular users very much. If you want a response from a blizzard representative, you would want to create a ticket with technical support. You may get a response here, but it’s not a substitute for creating a ticket.

We may, however, be able to help you. The first step would be to follow the follow the instructions in this pinned post, to post your diagnostic information.

You can also look through the pinned posts to see if you can find any information to solve your problem.

all sorted, bad DDR5 caused issues :confused:

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