Game crashes at launch

hey so i have been having this issue for the past 10 days i try to launch over watch and it keeps crashing B4741261-1C65-4BDE-9F2B-46E30A78FA47 it gives me this error code. Please help <3

Those codes only work with the ticket system since it requires a staff tool to read.

Make sure you’ve reviewed the pinned threads for reasons this happens:

If you still need help on the forum, make sure to include your DxDiag.

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Hey there vDripLORD

Those codes are pretty frustrating to try to decipher to figure out the cause of a crash. I was able to look up this code though and am thinking this is due to interfering programs. It’s referencing a file AudioDevProps2.dll. We’ve seen audio programs like Nahimic, ArmoryCrate, Steelseries, or Sonic Studio causing problems like this so if you happen to have one of those running, try uninstalling it and then test again.

Please let us know how that goes. Cheers!

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i uninstalled ArmoryCrate and i still have the same problem 635B374B-E45D-46F4-968B-973EF4FA7A43
thx for the help

Thank you for your help. I randomly had Sonic Studio installed and as soon as I uninstalled it started working again.

just checked and i had sonic studio downloaded and i never noticed it works now thank you for the help