Game crashed-rejoined-won match-lost sr and was suspended

Title says it all but seriously why the heck was I suspended from competitive when my computer crashed, and I managed to rejoin without an SSD in time and help bring my team to victory? So I get penalized due to your game having a siezure causing my computer to crash even though I re joined to finish out the match. Yeah it just doesn’t matter in this game. Was on a 5 game winning streak and this was my sixth. Finally broke 1800SR only to have it stripped away from me from this broken game. Trillion dollar company. Nice.

It sucks, but there’s valid reasons.

My team would have lost without me. In fact we would have prevented the point A cap if I hadn’t crashed. I had to turn the tide in over time. So yeah what valid excuse is it to punish players who have this happen to them. Next time I’ll just wait till the match is over and let my team lose since I will get fullly penalized anyways.

Yeah, this always confused me. I’m all for punishing people who leave on purpose and don’t come back. But if you rejoin the match and then win, you shouldn’t be punished.

Yo dawg they don’t suspend you for your first offense. Clearly you’re not telling us everything.