Game Audio Randomly Cutting Out

I have tried almost everything I can think of to fix this issue but none of them have worked. What happens is when I’m playing a game or even randomly in the menus my audio just cuts in and out. Other system audio like discord and music is unaffected. Even in game voice comms work fine when it is cutting in and out. No other performance issues. Really want to get this fixed as it is fairly game breaking when I can’t hear anything during a team fight. It doesn’t matter if my output to DAC or Audio Interface. The issue is also isolated in Overwatch. Lastly, whenever this happens Windows Audio Endpoint Builder is using way more resources than normal. Please help!

My System:
Windows 10 64bit installed on a Samsung 970 pro m.2
CPU: Intel i7 6700k @ 4.4GHz 1.35v
GPU: EVGA 1080 ti SC
Ram: 2x16gb @2400mhz
Motherboard: Gigabyte Gaming 6 z170x
DAC/Headphone amp: ifi idsd nano black label
Audio Interface: M-Track 2x2

Let me know if there is any other information that would be useful.