"Furry Skins" in Overwatch

So, how is your day.

I’m here… on the forums. All Gucci.

Although i must warn against… off topic conversation

As enjoyable as it is, Mod’s don’t appreciate it.

My day has been great actually! :smiley_cat:
I’m coming off of a horrible headache… but it’s gone, so.

Cool, so who do you main.

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Firstly: Bastion, Widowmaker, Mccree, and i’m starting to love playing Ashe…
But i’ll need to give her some real playtime before i play her competitively.


tiktok girls come so out of no where


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But i wanna be winston.

Also yes, I’m a Bastion main. :3 You can check my profile if you like.

I also help to “run” the Bastion megathread.
The largest thread without a dev response on the entire forum.

Shameless link:
💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (520+ Likes, 17,200+ Responses)

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Jesus Christ that spicy 100 hours. I have always wanted to main bastion, I fully understand him mechanically, just never really play him much.

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Wanna know a secret?
I’ve got 750+ total hours on console.
(Yes i’m mentally unstable)

It’s painful… I’d wait until his QoL changes are pushed to the live servers.

Okay, fam, riddle me this… Where did she buy that tail? Did it come with the cute beanie? Nah. You know it to be true. Stop pretending.

In all truth she probably didn’t buy it…

She probably hunted it.


That was a thing back at my middle school. If I remember right it attached to your belt loop, and was a fashion thing, not a furry thing.

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It can be both… :thinking:

In all reality we’re all a little bit “furry” sometimes.

I mean sure. But then I can stab someone with a knife or use it to cut up a pancake too. It alone is not a furry thing, just as a knife alone is not a tool used for cutting food. But back in my middle school, it was a fashion thing.

Honestly, yeah.

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I’ve always said this myself actually.

The sooner we realize this, the better.


I really don’t see the big deal at all. As a furry I find the skin cute, but definitely not screaming furry in any way.

I’m just happy to have another cute skin to add to my collection.

Baije is only half pig, furry is usually centered around being a actual animal


Objection overruled, half of these don’t even have fur.

I’ve seen more posts chastising “furry-haters” then I’ve seen actual furry haters. I mean there were the “knee jerk” reactors, but not that many anymore. It’s really a non-issue, people are allowed to not like skins for whatever reason they want. Same goes for those of you that like them.