Frustrated with dev responses

True, but hopefully they change the financial model with OW2 to something that will last longer. Maybe a free model for PvP with a skin shop or something?

Imagine not seeing its Activision who decides how that many is allocated.

And we all know how greedy they can be.


at this point I don’t mind if you have to pay with game credit to get the heros ! it will push people to buy loot boxes !


We all want more new heroes faster (who wouldn’t want a full mecha squad dropped on us the next morning?) But it’s almost impossible, 1 hero could already break the game for a year, now a dozen of them would burn this game to cinder and no amount of savaging can save it. It’s easy for Moba games to design a new hero because they base it on 1v1 aspect, in a more controlling environment (1 single genre.) OW with their 6v6 philosophy, all different types of skill and balance for “all kind of player level” make it impossible, every chance brought hundreds of unforseenable complications that affect each ranks differently. So in order to release more heroes much faster, the only realistic way is to solely balance the game top down (aka only balance for GM/OWL) How many of us would want that?

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the problems with balance come because we only have 7 tanks and 7 healers, of coursde there is always going to be 1 better meta with that trash pool.


Well, they can balance faster, and maybe in OW2, they can preview characters in PVE.

Also I’m trying to come up with ways they could make balancing easier. Notably this idea dramatically simplifies barriertank and offtank design.

✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2

For instance, they could release Mauga, without worry that you’ll get Roadhog+Mauga as your tank lineup.

Or release 3x more barrier tanks, without worry about Double Barrier interactions

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This part is believable because the FFXIV developers said the same thing when they tried releasing a new tank class. They said the the people that stuck with the new class mostly prior tank players instead of dps players.

However, I do believe adding certain new tanks to the role that are designed to address specific issues with the role will help. D.Mon as a main tank is an example of a hero that I think would address some issues with the tank role by providing a main tank alternative to D.Va and more aesthetic variety to the main tank role.

New heroes can only bring people in to try the role temporarily. The real issue is retention, and would require addressing issues such as CC/Knockback spam.


Complain about every single her release…they break the game…blizzard doesn’t know how to make new heroes…Hero x is “OP”…etc etc etc


give us more… :woozy_face:

Release schedule was fine…

May I ask where you’re getting the 4 number from? Did I miss them confirming that somewhere?

I would’ve bet on at least 5 given the silhouettes shown to Game Informer + Sojourn. 4 would be pretty horrifying given there’s no way they won’t release at least 1 DPS with Overwatch 2.

Jeff’s answers are bad because he can’t go live and say “yes we fuc*ed up”. For marketing reasons, he will go live and try to give a diplomatic answer.
I prefer to not go live at all than going live to say these “Fake” answers again. That’s why the game has to die (I will keep playing it). Ever since HotS “died” everything goes super good. Devs doing their job as they should do it without big marketing money is getting in the way. As long as they have the OWL running the game is a big market and they will fix whatever is going to bring more money to them instead of fixing the right things.

I don’t know if the game can be saved anymore. They should be punished for their mistakes and for ignoring the community’s feedback. The OWL numbers are falling day by day and the Overwatch it’s not World of Warcraft. The latest expansion in WoW was average just because the devs decided to ignore the feedback and follow only 5% of it. In the upcoming expansion, we can see (till now at least) a whole different dev approach. We have weekly devs interviews and once a week the devs listen to the community’s feedback and they are applying the change. But again… the WoW has no antagonist so it can be saved and recover from a bad expansion… OW is not WoW…


Entitlement is a helluva thing.


I think we beg for more heroes because there’s nothing else to look forward to. If they added more content related to popular heroes, lore, pve (ow2 stuff), then players wouldn’t desire so strongly for extra classes just for the sake of entertaining themselves for a short bit before moving on to the next. There are tons of games I’ve played with a limited roster and I enjoy it (like fighting games), many others do as well. Yet some how these guys are expected to pump out more heroes. I think its fair to ask how many is reasonable as a max roster of characters for a game like this that also seeks to be competitive.

They also seem to have no desire to balance the role roster for the sake of evening out the numbers. I don’t know what the outcome would be if they did, but I somehow doubt that evening out roles is going to shorten queue times. If people perceive damage roles to be the bread and butter of an fps game, I think the majority of players are going to gravitate to that regardless.

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Laughs in TF2, that hasn’t seen anything huge for over 1-2 years.

Be glad we are getting anything at all, the developers could’ve just stopped immediately with content.

Cool then they should take it up with actvision that they need more resources considering how well the game did instead of lying on thier backs for 4 years

The problem is also they are making balance changes on the dime with choices that better fit a much larger roster. You can’t murder a character’s kit then be shocked it doesn’t go well with everything else in game. LoL can rework low tier characters BECAUSE they have so many others in game at anytime. Yes without a doubt there’s your highly meta picks. But they have so many that they can take someone like Volibear and be like “Hmmm he’s really clashing right now we can change that.” And not have him destroy everything.


Isn’t Acti-Blizz a multi-million if not billion dollar corporation? But no, they’re a small-indie dev studio so we should treat them with the utmost patience despite the fact that most reputable Indie devs make content and push it out in a far better state than Blizzard can which is a complete embarrassment, but that’s also a sin of the AAA Gaming Industry at large.


But… TF2 is actually good even without new content since Jungle Inferno. Overwatch however, that’s a whole different story.


It’s kinda funny how little y’all pay attention. Jeff clearly stated that it was a problem of won’t, not of can’t. They definitely have the ability to push out more heroes a year, but they don’t want too.


Yes, but that isn’t from Overwatch. They have 12 million active WoW subs as of 2019, all paying $15 a month.

In total, Blizzard have made over $9billion from WoW, and $1billion from Overwatch.

What game do you think they invest money in?

Well damn, that’s MORE than enough money to throw around and do whatever they want with in terms of developing the game

Both because both games made an astronomical amount of money most studios could never even close to achieving.