Frame Drops Server Wide?


I’ve got 2 systems with both a 2080 and a 2080 ti, we’re setting up a new system in the coming weeks with a new possible rtx super series card as well. While both of our existing systems can’t do 144 fps constantly without dropping to 80-90 fps, I’ll post here again when the “Super” series card arrives and finally plays Overwatch… if at 144 fps constantly that is.


Yeah this is a pretty decent description of the issue.


So PC is having the frame drops also?


It’s the voice lines guys, they are causing stutters(fps drops). It’s on every platform Blizz is looking into it.


I am having this problem too.

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Thanks for this report. We are currently looking into this issue.


Any sort of communication (hello, thanks, group up, ult ready, etc) seems to be dropping frames. Typing in match chat also causes frame drops - I was just in a game with a friend where 3 people flooded match chat and it significantly affected everyone’s performance.


I think turning on subtitles also hurts.


I’m not sure if it’s the same problem: Since the Summer Games update I got bad screen tearing (with g-sync on, and even worse without g-sync); and though I didn’t check the numbers the latency felt bad too.

This user’s solution fixed it for me:

Sporadic stuttering

Its your anti cheat that you implemented client side. :+1:


Now that you mention it, I’ve been getting those too.

I thought it was my issue, and it certainly could be, but count me in as someone having random frame drops.

i5 4460
RX 580 4GiB
1x8GiB 1600Mhz
Asus H81M-A/BR
Windows 10 Education 64-bit (10.0, Build 17134)
AMD Radeon 19.6.3

Running 1080p, render scale 100%, Model Detail Epic, Textures Epic, Texture Filtering Epic, SMAA med, everything else minimum (low/off).


It looks to me, from my perspective the game is NOT utilizing the GPU like it should.

It started roughly the time of “moira” being introduced into the game and slowly has been becoming a subtle issue, which I talked about it in the past. With other Support members…

but this patch. WOW. I actually cannot believe how the FPS issue is! Medium settings for me are going from a 210FPS and dipping down into a 70 and I had freezes even. I’ve done a few “repair” commands from the game and it is not handling it too well. Im on a 144hz monitor so anything that drops below that 140 starts to look choppy.


I keep getting the issue every time my chat box gets a new message, even if chat box is hidden.

So when friend signs on, friend signs off, team player chats, match player chats, group player chats, friend whispers, player joins game, player leaves game, player says Hello! / I need healing / Understood! / Attack the objective / etc. All will cause a frame drop / hitch. I have to play with match and team text chat off to help mitigate it, but again no way to block receiving any of the other incidents listed above.


My friend and I also noticed this in out games tonight. Like the others before have said, it seems to be tied to new chat messages, Ult status, or any comms. I wonder if this has to do with the new captions system. Hope it gets fixed soon, thanks for the hard work!


seems like CPU usage issue, my CPU usage was more than doubled compare to last patch, with a new ryzen 3700x, ow maxed out almost 6 threads on my CPU, which is very strange, maybe relate to the new anticheat system?


A detail worth noting - the game stutters when something is said in match chat. It could be the chat that has something to do with it.


The game is almost unplayable


All commands make the game stutter. Group up, need healing, etc. your allies affect it too so the game is essentially unplayable for competitive


Yeah, sometimes it’s worse, sometimes it’s okay.
In my last game some players were running in a “straight line” I made fun of it a little bit because it’s free kills.
In my next game, I was constantly killed even though I was covered.

This looks a lot like server performance problems.

It’s a pity that there are apparently no more tests before the public releases.
There’s a lot of trouble with this patch. There are more bugs than usual.


i’m tired of telling the same thing, but yep, another patch, another bugs what make ow unplayable, and as i seen many ppl have same problems

every time when i press escape, die and respawn, change hero, game frame drops and cpu utilization increases for random amount of time. about frezes, they happens when you press escape and randomly in-game