FPS keeps dropping

I cannot get the game to stop stuttering, I can run Baldurs Gate 3 on High but cant run this game at 220 frames, it just constantly drops from 220 to 130

AMD Ryzen 7 3700x 8-core
Tuf Gaming X570-Plus (WIFI)
AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT GPU

You may want to submit a ticket to battle.net technical support to get yourself a response from blizz.

For the #technical-support forum to help you on this we would need diagnostic info.

You can also check the pinned posts to see if any of the info in there can help you.

They will say it’s your internet, you can’t do anything against it, until Blizzard fixes the game. But be prepared, some of us are having these stutters since february-march. You can’t fix it, I even bought new memory modules. Probably an AMD bug, but I think it’s Blizzard’s fault, because everything works fine.

This is not good advice, as FPS optimization is not a service provided via tickets. While Blizzard offers some technical assistance as a courtesy, they are not PC techs and their scope is limited.

Your best bet is to post your system diagnostic files here for others to look at, or take the issue to Reddit.

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