FPS drop caused by enemies

Hey, since I cant reach the support for one month now because I always get an error code everytime I try to submit a ticket, I decide to make a thread about my special problem.

Everytime I face the enemies team mates, my FPS drops from 150 to 80.
This problem appears only in Capture the Flag and in all Quickplay modes.
In deathmatch or other modes I dont have any FPS drops and can easily hold the 150FPS cap (Even if the lobbys are full and I face more than one enemie, my FPS dont drop).

More information:
I only play on full low graphic settings and the problem is not that my hardware cant handle this game. Also my Perfomance Mode is on in Win10.

I tried some tests to proof that its a game side problem and nothing have to do with my hardware.
If this problem caused by my hardware, then it should be easy to test, so I turned down the resoultion scale to 50% to see if this problem is caused by my GPU, but no, the problem is still there.

Also I get an FPS drop from 150 to 80 if I press “TAB” to see who is dead etc.

What else did I checked?
-reinstalled my drivers
-updated my drivers
-reinstalled Overwatch
-reinstalled battle net
-disabled all background programs
-even disabled WINDOWS background tasks
-checked my hardware with rivatuner during the game

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
AMD Ryzen 5 1400
8GB RAM dual channel

Not sure why you can’t submit a ticket, but fps issues (unless they are incredibly severe, like below 30fps) are not something they support. This is because there are too many hardware and software configurations out there. Their target is for the game to run at 60fps on the recommended specs. Optimizing anything beyond that is considered an enthusiast topic and not a technical issue.

Its not a technical issue because of what? Because they only want to reach atleast 60FPS?
What is this for a logic if I can ask kindly?

Look, if I can run this game without problems with 150FPS in all modes but not in quickplay if I face an enemie THEN it is definitely a technical issue what should be fixed by Blizzard.

Also you should read my thread more carefully. It have nothing to do with “Optimizing anything beyond”. I described my problem and the fact that its caused by enemies in quickplay, so Blizzard should fix this problem. One friend have the same GPU and can hold the 150FPS without having drops if facing an enemie in quickplay.

And even IF it would be an “Optimizing anything beyond” whats wrong about that? As you can see or read, the game doesnt run stable on my hardware for some reason. It could be my hardware or it could be a gameside bug.

ALSO you can see or read that I did some tests to proof that its not my GPU what is causing this problem.

I dont want to be mean or something but as a “MVP Tech Supporter” you should have some base knowledge about technical things like this. Also you should have the ability to read threads more carefully to fully understand the problem.

Nice statement kappa, thanks for your help kappa.

Getting aggravated with a problem is normal, but being uncivil towards me for delivering information about the scope of support is unacceptable. I fully understand the problem and do have a lot of technical knowledge for resolving supported issues here. But keep in mind: I am a volunteer on the forum, not a Blizzard employee.

It is very likely this is being caused by other software on your computer, or with temperature issues. There is no currently known bug that drops fps by 70 when using alt-tab.

Blizzard creates their hardware specifications (minimum and recommended) in order to provide a guideline for hardware that can run the game. As long as you are achieving 60fps or higher (you mentioned that you’re getting 80fps minimum) with the recommended specs, they do not consider only 80fps within their scope of support. Here are some examples of the staff mentioning this:

I recommend coming to a conclusion on the above thoughts and opening a ticket with the staff: Contact Support - Blizzard Support. Make sure your diagnostic files are in *.txt format and you have filled out ALL fields to accomplish this without errors. Ad-blockers can also cause errors when submitting a ticket. Perhaps they’ll have other tips for you.

Okay. Tell me, where I talked about alt-tab problems??
And no, it cant be that a program caused this problem. PLEASE READ. I disabled all programs, background tasks and even OS tasks. There were no background programs or other stuff running in the background.
Also, JUST LIKE I SAID, I dont have any hardware problems here and even in other games like CSGO or Rainbow, I never had this problems. It must be a problem with the engine or something else.

Like I said above, I watched all my details about my hardware with rivatuner and my temperatures are more than fine.

Bro… no hate but please start reading MORE CAREFULLY.
Just like I said in my main thread above, I cant create a ticket. Everytime I click on “submit” there shows an error: “Try a bit later, must be a temp problem”.

One month before I had the same problem and one day after it too. So strangly I think its not an temporary problem.

And yes, Im sure that I always upload the specs in .txt format.

Also I tried it on other browsers which dont have any adons installed.

This is the tab I was referring to and accidentally typed “alt-tab.” I’m not the first person to make a typo.

Sounds like security software outside the browser or a DNS problem is blocking the webpage from completing the ticket submission. Perhaps try using a VPN or a mobile hotspot to complete the process.

It’s not my fault this is happening on your computer, but it isn’t an excuse to be uncivil to the only person responding to you. Best of luck figuring out your issue.

What do you mean with “uncivil”? It only makes me mad that you actually cant read carefully.

Here is the proof right from the horses mouth that it is a problem from Cracks’ side. If your friend has no issues with the same GPU, then how is it a bug in the game? If it was a bug then your friend would be having the same issue.

The only variable here is your PC and how it is configured.

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I can read. I made a typo in my second reply that you keep bringing up. It isn’t going to make the issue better to keep harping on that. Again, please use the ticket system, period.

Bruh, are you trolling? Just because he dont have the problem with his GPU it doesnt mean that there is no bug in the game. Also there are more than only one model of a GPU, so there could be also the chance that this game hates my model or something else. Stop replying to threads where you dont have any knowledge in.

I never said that he have the same hardware like me, he only uses the same GPU like me but a other model of it, BRUH. So that means it can be my GPU anyway because of the model or this problem is caused by my CPU.


You are breaking the forum rules by trying to instigate arguments with other forum members. Being aggravated by your technical issue is not an excuse for this approach.

What do “instigate arguments” mean? LOL

I never said… you said he had the same hardware. You said he had the same GPU.

A different model of graphics card would make no difference. Either he has the same GPU as you or he doesn’t. There are different models of graphics cards yes, but not different models of GPU. GPU and graphics card are not the same thing. GPU is the die itself. Graphics card is well the graphics card which includes memory, power delivery to the die etc. A lot of people get it confused but they are not interchangeable.

Therefore there is no need to continue this conversation. You have confirmed that it could be any piece of your hardware that has a problem. Not ruling out software issues either.

It is not Blizzards job to troubleshoot your PC, especially if one or more of your components is faulty. The game is running as intended.

My bad. I wish I knew as much about computers as you do. Sorry.

instigate argument (in this context) = Attempting to start a verbal or text base argument by being overly aggressive, rude, etc.

Best answer I can come with without straight up googling it.

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No worries ‘bruh’