Former BLIZZARD Employee Calls Them Out Over DODGY HIRING PRACTICES!

That makes no sense, anybody can get rich invent something or start a business with a service or item people want and make your money, most rich people around the world made their own money very few got it from their family

no he can’T. Not everybody can get rich, thats strictly prohibited.

Right by the government, right? The ones that faked the moonlanding? /s

It is rather easy to retain this attitude until you are the one being kicked.

The problem seems to be that people equate the accumulation of wealth by the wealthiest as a signal of the health of society. However, having been on the trickle-down carousel twice during my lifetime I can tell you that, as the Gershwins said, it ain’t necessarily so. The Emperor cut taxes for the wealthiest among us. It did not translate into wage growth or reinvestment. It didn’t in the 1980’s either. Shocking.

There’s a reason that the monarchists shifted their support to capitalism as said monarchies crumbled. I’ll leave it to you to determine why, should you be self-motivated enough to see.

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According to you, I still find all the Blizzard games great fun.


thats what im talking about,
not that:

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All captialism is you are able to create something and sell it and if alot of people want it you make more and grow then hire employees and so on, people thing working a job is going to make you rich, no a job is to pay bills and live off, the reason why unions keep wanting wage increases is so people can go out and buy big TVs and such, you dont need a bigger TV or a new car if you can afford it, you 2ant to get rich you have to take the risk, playing it safe wont work

More like former hot stuff blizzard employee unable to find job and still bitter he got laid off. Unable to move on focused energy on YouTube video.

LOL… Giving this YouTube person more views I see.

I’m sick of people linking these videos.

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The minimum wage is not a livable wage, which is all the more ironic due to the reality that the minimum wage was created for just that – to be livable wage. This is not a case of people wanting fancy televisions, but rather wanting to eat dinner a few nights per week, while their employers ponder purchasing a fifth yacht.

It is never enough; the greed is limitless. The system is designed to keep people impoverished.

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Except the guy in the video never worked for Blizzard. He’s just talking about an ex-employee’s tweets.

No shade, though. I only survived more than 4 seconds of this video because it’s playing in the background while I do other things.

Saying that capitalism only caters to people who “create something and sell a lot of it” while condescending people who want to be paid appropriately for their qualifications and performance doesn’t make it look any less terrible than it is.

You have people in $100k+ of student debt fighting for jobs that don’t pay them nearly enough. The only people who are comfortable anymore are those who have had profound luck or connections.

Not everyone who works 3 jobs is in poverty. Generally speaking, JedisGold’s philosophy is correct. However, there will always be outliers to many situations.

Most companies do this. It’s a way of saving on labor costs. You have to pay people more the longer they work there. If somebody is working a job where they’re interchangeable with anybody else the company would hire (a job where experience doesn’t mean much), it makes more sense to occasionally clean house and hire cheaper people to do the same job. They’re not going to re-hire the people who previously held those positions because those people are more expensive than hiring new people.

… Which is complete rubbish. Aforementioned company deserves every bit of public persecution they get. They’re a multi-million dollar company. Pay your employees well. It won’t kill you.


My point was this isn’t unique to Blizzard. And it actually WOULD kill some companies to pay their employees more than they already do. Companies want to pay well to attract better talent unless the job doesn’t take a special talent. In those cases, the people who lose those jobs need to find a way to make themselves more valuable (education, unique experience, etc.). Companies only save money in this department by firing people who are expendable. Don’t be expendable.

Some companies? Yeah. Multi-million dollar companies? I can’t sympathize.

I understand the logic behind it but I think an employee who’s been with a company for x amount of years and is experienced within that specific environment has worth that needs to be accounted for.


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