Forced losing streaks in arcade & leaving right at game end

Been playing this for a bit on mystery only and noted some stuff about the patterns the game forces you to go through. Most things I find online are about competitive, but I’m just here to play a game. Don’t care about climbing or top roles or winning all the time. If I want to win 9 games quick, I’ll do FFA and cheese it. It seems to not puppet FFA as well.

And yeah mystery is a mystery team comp, and you’ll loose some to Daddy Jeff’s RNG whims sometimes - but the game is still gonna make it 50/50 no matter how heavy handed it needs to get.

I’ve played WoW and its arena matchmaking - you’d hit a wall eventually and just fluctuate, but the matchmaking system wouldn’t have a vendetta against you. Guessing because iLvl helped normalize player skill better.

But in this, if I win too many games I start to see golds or more (player level icon colors, I don’t bother to look at stats that’s a lot of work) on the other team. Lets me know Daddy Jeff demands I lose soon. And then I’ll loose for a bit to even everything out. But if the golds or more aren’t enough then it gives me bad teammates and I think that’s what gets to people. It’s not fun to be forced to lose so the game is mathematically even. And if I won a bunch in a row, it’ll throw a bunch in a row. I still get my gold/silver medals - which lets me know my team isn’t way better than me, one of the few indicators this game has - but those games are no contest.

Then after a big lose streak, I’m in games where I won’t even get an medal because everyone it found is apparently way better than me while it corrects itself again.

There’s definitely a reason they removed games played number, because if I calculate my win/loss record in mystery (662 wins, 152 hr played) at 7 min/game (number I found online) I get 50.8% win rate. And it’d be fine if the wins/losses fluctuated - but the system just trashes me up and down sometimes and it kinda does ruin the game and make it more a ride and not a game to play. Overwatch is a fun, quick, and vibrant game, but the obvious machinations by Daddy Jeff himself (blessed be he) remove the fun aspect - is it a long-term casual game? Not right now. To get around the 50% thing I’d prob have to have a team so that it can’t bad me up and can only find good players to fight against, that’s not casual.

2nd half~ note that contrary to a post I found by Daddy Jeff that said leaving early won’t get you into a game early (and maybe that’s just for competitive since people only talk about competitive really) - but usually it’ll throw me into a new game immediately. If it’s off-hours it’ll wait, but even that’s worth it over sitting through the repetitive screens. So currently (2019) that info is old.

~daddy jeff bless this post~