Florida Mayhem vs. Washington Justice - FINAL

May Melee • Knockouts


Florida Mayhem
Washington Justice
LP: 2 (2-2 +2)
LP: 3 (3-1 +5)

Final Score


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#1 JUNSEI 93 points
#3 NOSTALGIA 92 points
#2 WYOMINGMYST 91 points
#4 SICKONE 88 points
#5 KEYU 88 points
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I think Justice win this 3-2.

Now back to smashing pixels in SWTOR…

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im going with mayhem 3-1

Imagine all the fixes Blizzard could have made with the money they waste on the owl.

i think washington is the only team i havent seen a single second of so far (not by choice)…apparantly theyre good :sweat_smile:

I’m going with Washington because my pickems are Houston and Washington.

All I know I am 0 for 3 on Knockout predictions, watch Florida upset Washington so it can be 0 for 4


i stand corrected…i distinctly remember assassin negating an EMP the other day…mustve caught a tiny bit of them…but i sure as heck havent watched them much

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He cancelled 2 EMPs via manual hacks. He was in the other Sombra’s head.

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I remember the greatest wrecking ball tip I ever heard was that you should never manually reload his guns. The auto-reload while in ball form takes the exact same amount of time and your’e faster and safer.

Seeing all of this ball just made me think about it. :thinking:

I always forget about that.

Did I just witness a Mercy highlight?

Someone capture this moment.

My pred was wrong, but this makes things more interesting. And I like Florida.

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damn i got it right .

Love how OGE was just not in his chair anymore once their face cams came up.

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BQB always looks like hes shocked for some reason (like during the match itself)

anyway…hurray “local” team!!!

i even got the score right lets goo

Gad fragggin nabbit! Why does all this fruit baskets happen to me!

0-4 on Knockout picks.


Pretty sure the Austin Quints are gonna take this one handily

ever see a comment that makes you go online just to see something?

this was one of them…

TIL hammond reloads while in ball

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