Florida Mayhem vs. Vancouver Titans - FINAL

May Melee • Week 1


Florida Mayhem
Vancouver Titans
LP: 1 (1-0 +1)
LP: 0 (0-1 -2)

Final Score


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#1 KEYU 25 points
#3 TENU93 23 points
#2 WYOMINGMYST 22 points
#4 TYLERG 22 points
#5 PNUTAPI 21 points
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Well, let’s see if this can come close to the last match in excitement level.

We can only hope, MrSinister!

Unfortunately, my pickem says that the Mayhem will become the second NA team to go 2-0 on the weekend and will very quickly 3-0 the Titans.

Moneys on Mayhem for this one.

Would be surprised with a Titans upset though.

what did i just witness

Sometimes I have trouble finding your match coverage threads.
Would it be too much to ask Blizzard to allow and extra forum header line just for your professional looking OWL match coverage threads?


Pink Floyd

“Is there anybody…out there…”

Yeah i might have been a bit sarcastic there.

3-0 florida pls my pick ems have been so so wrong so far

the vancouver titan need a better mt than shredlock

their dps/support seem alright. but their tanks are a bit shaky. shredlock always dies first

Huh. Are Florida not looking hot enough or are Vancouver actually catching up? The control map was much closer than I’d expect.

After the heart-stopping action of the previous match, this one is looking like a rout.


Nepal (Control): Florida Mayhem 2, Vancouver Titans 0

King’s Row (Hybrid): Florida Mayhem 3, Vancouver Titans 2

MATCH SCORE: Florida Mayhem 2, Vancouver Titans 0

NEXT UP: HALFTIME, followed by the second half of Mayhem vs. Titans. The Florida Mayhem are on MATCH POINT!

Titans might be bad but Florida isn’t impressing much either.

What we all think of McCree


Titans take a map, but the Mayhem take the series.


Nepal (Control): Florida Mayhem 2, Vancouver Titans 0

King’s Row (Hybrid): Florida Mayhem 3, Vancouver Titans 2

Havana (Escort): Vancouver Titans 2, Florida Mayhem 1

Volskaya Industries (Assault): Florida Mayhem 2, Vancouver Titans 1

FINAL SCORE: Florida Mayhem 3, Vancouver Titans 1


Florida Mayhem gets a 2-0 week. The Titans go 0-2.