Flex Role Lock instead of 2-2-2

role lock isn’t going anywhere any time soon.
I genuinly advise you to spend your time thinking about something else are another way to fix damage queue time.

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If you lock 121 and allow 2 flex whatever/DPS, people will play 141 no matter what.

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What finally brought the 2-2-2 was not a bunch of people playing damage dealers. What brought the 2-2-2 was goats(3 tanks 3 heals). To say no matter what it will be four damage dealers, when no matter what, it was almost all tanks and healers, kind of proves the point that, no it won’t.

Hey look this bad suggestion again … everyone gather around and repeat after me :

Any suggestion that leads to the possibility of one tank or one support is a horrible idea and needs to be not suggested unless your goal is to raise DPS queue times.

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A lot of people said there would never be a role lock. It’s a shame so many people spent so much time thinking about it. If there is one thing anyone who has played any Blizzard game knows, is nothing is ever set in stone. They welcome new ideas. And they have implemented many different ideas. I genuinely advise you to come up with ideas, rather than bashing people who do.

By all means come up with new , good ideas. Rehashing bad ideas on the other hand … let’s not.

no ty, 2-2-2 is great!

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see the thing is that every rank except gm would be 1 4 1 which when is palyed against 222 is legitimetly impossible

Btw, here’s a similar idea, but it seems pretty well received. Basically allows alternating between 132 and 222.

✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2

If the majority of players prefer playing damage dealers, then it’s a bad idea to let the majority have what they want? That is what you’re saying is it not. You didn’t share your candy very often when you were a kid did you?

No I’m saying that there needs to be something done to help with DPS queues being so high. Changing to 1 tank or 1 support which will cause DPS queues to rise is not a good idea.
Who do you think will fill those ‘flex’ spots ? Tank and support players that are sick of being the only tank or support in a game. Therefore you will sit there for longer waiting for a tank or support that chooses tank or support to log in which will take even longer than current queues.

As the current state of things are, theoretically queues would be exactly the same. Logically, fewer people would queue as dps, instead queuing in the flex roles. Unless an influx of damage dealing players returned to the game, this would help balance queue times for dps. The only ones who’d have a legitimate issue with this would be the healers. Many would find themselves solo healing. Solo tanking can be a blast. Solo healing, not so much. So queue times might go up for healers.

Not so much if you don’t choose the one tank that everyone wants (currently even with two if nobody choose Rein) you will be harassed. This is not ‘fun’ or a ‘blast’

Choice between long queue in ‘flex’ role or being harassed for not choosing "THE’ tank or healer I know I’ll choose to queue as flex and I’m sure that more than 1/2 of all tanks and supports will do so also thereby causing the dps and flex queues to grow exponentially.

I’d rather either just leave 2-2-2 as is or replace with QPC and a dibs system and/or softer, better LFG system.

People complained when too many tanks were chosen. People complained when too many heals were chosen. People complained when too many damage dealers were chosen. People are always complaining the wrong dps are chosen, wrong heals are chosen, wrong tanks are chosen. No matter what, people are going to complain. Toxic and bossy people aren’t going to change because the game does.

yes but having only one tank or support per match gives them fuel for their harassment to get worse. It will get worse and will be every match not just the few that have meta slaves in them.

They do, and I’ve played all Blizzard games in the last 7 years.
What I learned is what when they are satisfied by a system and claim to be, they won’t change it anytime.
At the very best they can go with 1-3-2 or something else to adjust the system and it will be in OW2 at least, but they already told all the good things coming from role lock and role queues.
I’m not here to bash your ideas so i’m not going to keep telling you this, you gave us your take, I gave you my opinion on it. End of the story.

Which they won’t as they said it had horrible feedback.

Jeff then said in an interview with PCGamer that he felt there is so much good in the 1-3-2 idea but that he didn’t feel like forcing it in 2020.

What I read from that is that he likes the idea and it may come back later.

Nope 222 is the best thing to happen to the game imo (and many others)

Pre 222 was amazing if you were a dps player but terrible if you were a tank or support as you were very often expected to fill both roles at the same time.

Game is much more fun now.

Not to mention most ppl who claim they cant flex now never did anyway they picked a character got countered into oblivion but refused to change the whole match.