Fix smurfing for Overwatch 2

Have mobile phone authentication necessary every season to participate in ranked. It won’t remove it completely but it will remove quite a bit as the hassle will be too much for some smurfs.


Link an account to a mobile number, it adds both security and a deterrent to smurf.

You can have multiple mobile numbers but making a new one each time is just hassle. Even if they only cost a £1, you have to go through activation. Plus you can’t use fake details as it needs to match to a real person…well in the UK.

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It’s not a clear indicator though the person may have swapped consoles or came from pc or just knows alot about the game but never bought it. The point being there’s no way to tell a smurf from a player even if it seems positive you can never tell 100% whether or not they are a smurf.

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Fix everything for OW2 dude.

This is the man that’ll deal with the pesky Smurfs:

The way it was described when I last looked at it, was that OW2 would focus exclusively on PvE, while OV1 would continue to focus on PvP. And if you owned both, you could access PvP content from OW2 menu.

Though I haven’t really been paying attention to the latest news on OW2. Honestly not expecting much.

for real

there has to be some kind of analytics that’s able to determine actual skill

Unless there’s actually not that much performance/skill difference between silver and diamond (for example)… In that case, maybe MM truly can’t tell how skilled anyone is. (i doubt this is the case, i think they just haven’t touched it since 2016)

They won’t fix smurfing because it’s a business model for them.

Actually blizzard WANTS smurfs, because they think they are their best hardcore customers. And that is probably right.

Based on his comments from a few months back, Jeff disagrees with you.

He acknowledged smurfing is a problem and noted they’re working on a solution.

Overwatch 2 is just some cheap cash grab. It’s the same game with better graphics and content that nobody cares about.

I may sound salty on this one, but it doesn’t take a genious to “acknowledge” the problem by now. I hope they are bringing a damn good idea to the table for overwatch 2.

Will be interesting to see if Jeff can push this throug, while Bobby is counting his lost money.

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There will not be any fix to smurfing ever in ow

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There is no fix in any game to prevent people from playing in a rank much lower than where they belong.


Jeff disagrees with you.

He’s talking about consoles. And he even states that this is far off in the future.
They COULD do something about PC nevertheless. But they don’t.

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There’s no way Blizzard will invest time, effort and money into solving the smurf problem and not have it apply to all platforms the game is on.

No, he said not to expect anything until at least Overwatch 2 if not later. Given the sequel is expected to be a Q1 2021 release that’s not that far off.

Like what exactly? How are you going to stop people from buying accounts in a world with free email accounts?

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Preventing smurfing is easy. It’s really only how much incentive Blizzard has to stop it, and how intrusive or expensive of a solution players are willing to put up with.

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undesrtandable have a great day\

Solo queuing or at the minimum duo queuing is much more rewarding nowadays, because if you have a larger party there’s a better chance you’ll end up against smurfs. Last night I was playing with some friends in high plat/low diamond, and we went up against a 6 stack of 4.4k+ smurfs (as they claimed, of course they could be lying, but they spawn camped us and their mechanics were insane)

There’s just absolutely no disincentive to pub-stomping in this game.