Fix smurfing for Overwatch 2

If there is no anti smurfing measure put into overwatch 2 I am going to peace out. There is nothing fun about games where widows just wreck you like you are nothing in low elo


I want in on that genius, please. Anyone who can fix smurfing is well on their way to solving many of humanities greatest issues.


Didn’t you know? Blizzard has a magic button hidden in a box to delete all smurf accounts from the game but they won’t press it until we raise one million dollars in OW2 sales.


A few months back Jeff said they’re working on a solution to smurfs but not to expect anything until Overwatch 2 or possibly later as it’s not an easy fix.

An easy smurf solution: make the competitive requirement level 100 and look at suspicious behaviour intended to gain xp (arcade mode botting). It won’t get rid of every smurf but it sure will discourage them from making a new account every month. Yes, you can just buy a leveled up account but it will be more expensive and targeted correctly, you can catch the account sellers, whom blizzard should be catching.


Smurfing makes them money, companies don’t like it when you get rid of things that make them money.


Omg smurfing will never never NEVER be FIXED

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A few months back Jeff acknowledged smurfing is a problem and said they’re working on a solution.

I read about that. Do you actually think they will have a solution? If so what? Just ban all alt accounts?
I would play more if they had a real solution. I play few hours every few months or longer if im bored. Bronze/silver way too many skilled smurfs anyways watch there be no solution to smurfs


Reporting system needs teeth.

Professional account sellers are now using bots, or just plain controlling multiple heroes at once, to derank on an industrial scale.

They’ve realised reporting system so garbage it may as well not exist.

  1. There are so many smurfs already, putting in anti-smurfing measures will just hold back new ones. And even that will hold them off temporarily before they find a way around.
  2. Measures shouldn’t limit the playerbase itself, otherwise it can be quite obstructing to current or new players.
  3. Make it work, most of the fixes just don’t do anything at all.

Reporting system brings alot of value, though you cannot just report someone for being a smurf.
Smurfing requires throwing, though if you encounter a smurf hardstomping you then you can’t say they have throwed matches to get there.
Someone having such great skill shouldn’t belong there sure, though you can’t report someone for being too good.

Make changes to the MMR system for that?
Boosting will become much easier.

And well botting, many games can suffer from that.
You can do something against it, it will not completely stop them as there are so many ways to counter their ways of stopping you from botting.

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Weird idea but they should increase the min rank to 50 like R6 siege did, who knows that might do sumn, errr isn’t the min rank right now like 25?

The problem is you can’t tell if a person is smurfing or if they’re good. They can be performing well from other fps they’ve played before or just have game sense because they watch youtube or something of that sense. It’s almost impossible to distinguish a smurf from a new player simply because they are level 25 and playing comp. If you see that you require a certain level to play something in a game it’s almost certain that you will play that immediately after achieving said level. From my experience, smurfing doesn’t ruin games not in the slightest. Even smurfs are in the rank they’re in for a reason whether it’s throwing games or just losing or even winning, people are in their rank because they either tarnish their rank themselves, or just win/lose games. It’s that simple. Yes they could implement systems like 2fa and all that but that would require people to make Blizzard accounts many of which just don’t want to or can’t. You’re going to find people with good aim who exploit those who don’t use positioning or teams that don’t play good comps it’s almost obvious, but changing to something like dive or rush down will almost always threaten the person with good aim whether it be a widow or ashe or whatever.

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I don’t see how smurfing will hurt Overwatch 2 a lot, considering it’s supposed to be PVE game.

However smurfing has been an issue since season one, and Blizzard has done next to nothing in the last three years. So even though Jeff said they’re working on it, don’t expect too much from them. I don’t mean to be rude, but this is the same team that throws out new heroes and buffs/nerfs for current heroes without doing proper balance testing in the past.

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The ptr and experimental card are the balance testing they didn’t have that way back so they had to see how it worked in the meta and if it did then it did.

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just redesign the comp system to stop conflating wins with skill.
that way its easier to quickly match people playing at the same skill level. THEN have a competitive system based on winning games.

their stubborn insistence on what they consider “teamwork” and measuring skill interms of winning is why their ranking system is so inconsistent and unreliable, which gets blamed on smurfs but its actually just bad and inefficient matchmaking.


The alternative only incentivizes poor team play by hunting stats no matter what. Do you really want more gold medal Moira’s?

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Smurfing is fine. I smurf all the time and clap Plats, Diamond and Masters :smiley:

You can easily tell if someone is a smurf on console through a combination of in game level, console gamer score, and often times gamer tag and name as well.

Overwatch 2 will not just be PvE. It will be sharing PvP game modes with Overwatch, including Competitive.