Fix mei's snowball offensive in time for june 6 return please

This event stopped working during the first week rotation and was removed on all platforms. Disappointingly the event did not get fixed and return during the next week rotation. Really hoping that it will be fixed and available by June 6, which will be our last chance until Winter time to get the 6 achievements related to the Mei’s Snowball Offensive game mode. It was bad enough Blizzard added time sensitive achievements to the game only on Xbox. But not fixing events that have achievements tied to them is just unacceptable.


Needs to be fixed, astounding how they can gatekeep these events for months at a time and then refuse to even make them work properly when they do come around.


needs to be fixed Blizz! also please stop adding time sensitive achievements in the future.


FIX THIS!!! Mei’s snowball has been crashing everyone’s xbox and you have taken it out of rotation. Instead of fixing it, you have kept it out.

People wanna play this mode whether it be for fun or for the achievements that you have tied to the event. This has people infuriated. If this can be brought back, that would be great.

In the future, please just release all of these events to be permanent. Any future timed events should be achievement free. :slight_smile:


yes they need to fix them, really hope blizzard doesnt sweep this under the rug until December

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Blizzard need to fix this on Xbox. We want to play this mode and do the achievements.

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A patch has already been pushed to live.

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