Fix D'va please. I'm not having much fun


That’s what boosters are for and i usually leave the pharah mercy combos to the dps and do what i can, i do disagree to from last season when playing her i felt to powerful, and i think i was just getting ahead of myself with the you left out the tanks comment😅


with 185 h on Dva and 40 hrs on this account(my wife account) i assure you dva is fine, briggitte will get a nerf soon(already planned by overwatch team) I didnt even see difference between before the micro missile nerf, and now. Brigitte is a counter designed to counter dva winston gengi and tracer, so its normal to getting wreck some time. Dva never has a real counter since the begining.

Make sure to not dive a support when a brig is close to them, try flanking instead of diving like the old dive time. Be sneaky a little, and plse stop jump off a cliff when you lost mech, baby dva pistol is powerful, just back to your team, and shot from long rang, and aim the aid, you can get plenty kill like that on squishy.

Do not buff, leave her like this, shes fine, and will be more fine when brig will be adjusted


Um, well, she isn’t doing any less damage than before. Not in any areas where it’s extremely noticeable. So you might be noticing a 20% reduction in overall damage, but that’s just your performance. It’s not like had a stealth nerf of doing 20% less damage.

The existence of a new counter does not mean that previous nerfs are no longer needed. This is because plenty of games will take place in circumstances where that counter isn’t in play, the enemy doesn’t roll out a Brigitte, and should still be expected to play as a balanced hero. People didn’t like that a 600 health hero could charge through the front lines, deny incoming damage, and then burst down a 200 health hero of their choice. No one should have to deal with that pre-nerf character just because they made the mistake of not having a Brigitte, that just makes Brigitte a must-pick.

Again, if you’re really only playing in ever game, you’re bound to get countered eventually. Brigitte does well against, so it might be time for you to learn some other heroes in preparation for those circumstances where isn’t what your team needs. is in a good place currently, she’s still really strong, the only thing new is that there is one (1) new hero in the game that she needs to monitor and consider.


You could say this to describe three quarters of the cast. Dva is not even close to being the only one ineffective at range.


I mean just because you say she was broken doesn’t make her so. No more than me saying she wasn’t. Not really productive. I can feel a difference. Shes not super powerful. Shes very easily killed. Her ability to go into the back lines and survive a encounter has been reduced. The introduction of Bridgette was enough. Boost damage and Micro Missile damage if so minuscule doesn’t need to be reduced.


She was the most chosen character across all the tiers.

If that does not meant she was broken I don’t know what.


I never chose D’va because i though she was godlike. I started playing D’va in the beta and was like well shes fun. Tried other things and they felt boring to me. I also find her character design extremely appealing. Shes undoubtedly one of the coolest and most inspiring female characters in games. I’m literally wearing D’vas bunny logo as earrings right now and own 3 D’va shirts from the blizzard store. And most of all shes FUN. Lots of people love her regardless of skill level. Just because something is picked a lot doesn’t mean it’s overpowered.


She was overpowered, you could delete squishies easily, and they could do nothing to stop her. If she wasn’t overpowered or overtuned, why did she get nerfed ?

She was broken, she was almost in every game, she is now just a bit more balanced.


oooh boi. I don’t have fun playing mercy but they aren’t about to fix that. Just accept that the game isn’t made for one person alone and you just have to deal with this problem alone.


Bastion main here… Anyone wanna Talk about FUN?!1 -.-

I say Reverts All around!

Revert Bastion! Revert D,Va!

And #RevertMercy.


How could they do nothing to stop her? Easily? You had to get the drop on them and hit them with missles. Otherwise they probably will escape or have a healer on them. Most squishies have high damage output and can take a Dva on quite easily. And if they have someone healing them even more so.


Hey I think it’s time to start switching… Dva is no longer a must pick, yes you probably will need her in some occasions but there’s other heroes in certain circumstances that will do the job better…

I’m not sure if you can view my previous comp played heroes but you’ll see Dva dominating each season among my hero picks, one season i otped her… from season 9 i’ve been playing all tanks and now I’m playing sadly junkrat more than the tank role simply cause bueggete is not fun to play against…

My dva win rate is 30% i feel underpeforming against a brigg… my junkrat winrate (i probs play him like a bronze never main him) is 80% :confused:

So from experience Dva isn’t strongest pick and can be countered that’s when it’s time to switch… does she need a buff? Not really sure she seems “balanced” but there’s better picks unless you’re going for a dive comp.


Uh no. Not gonna switch. I enjoy the character. I find other ones boring. But she needs to be properly balanced for the current game. And shes not.

Bridgette isn’t really the issue. The issue is everything does way more damage now and D’va does less. Making most encounters very difficult to win.


My favorite hero is Ana, but D.Va and Winston basically forced me to main Mercy. Ana has been in bad place for over a year due to dive. Winston Barrier+D.Va damage off a dive renders Ana almost useless.

Brigitte was made to stop Winston and D.Va from the almost unbeatable strategy of attacking defenseless supports. You can’t dive Brigitte successfully, that was why she was made. She is a counter to dive. She is going to get nerfed but she will still keep dive in check. Which has been an unstoppable force for too long.


Yes because stopping a unstoppable force by creating a new one is balance.


Dva was the strongest character in the game before Torb jr. Now she’s second place, still far from last.


Shes really not that strong. Shes has a long list of counters and is easily out played if she makes mistakes or is alone. She is however the most fun to play. She has tons of versatility.


As the wise words of Zenyatta. “You refuse to learn.” She’s balanced. She got nerfed because she was a must pick. There’s really nothing more to it.


“easily out played if she makes mistakes or is alone.”
That is pretty much every hero, though.

I think D.Va is fine right now. And you should consider picking up one or two other heroes. I find it impossible that you can’t find at least one other hero to play out of 27. You’re always going to have a problem if you only one trick someone and never switch even when you’re getting countered.

If that’s how you insist on playing, you’re never going to have fun. I love certain characters too, but I’ll switch if I’m getting steamrolled. Switching is in your best interest and the best interest of your team.


Every character is good if you play it well enough. I like D’va. It’s what i’m good at. I find all the other characters boring and unfitting of my play style.

This isn’t a post about counters. It’s a post about power being lower. D’va feels much less effective in combat. And since she has no defensive potential anymore her combat effectiveness should have remained the same.