Fix comp player drop issue and SR

ok you useless programmers, when a player drops from comp, that player should loose the SR. the match should end and no SR should be lost by players that did not drop. fix this GD issue. its not fair to loose SR because others drop


Don’t blow a bloodvessel, whatever you do.


Easily exploited and thus not implemented.


Blizzard has a reason to why penalties still stand when players disconnect. Read about that policy here:


Is it only me cant see why i m losing my SR if some1 leave on my team or it doesnt explain this?

i mean i lose matches 5v6 and losing my sr.

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All remaining players still receive the full match result and full SR adjustment. This ensures there is no incentivized reason to pressure or bully teammates into leaving. This policy was explained when they made the change all the way back in season 1:

Because if they let the rest of the team off the hook, the easiest way that would be exploited would be 6-stacks, all of whom have multiple alt accounts, to pick one person on their team to leave a match the moment they start losing, or even right before the end of the match. The one player who agrees to be the sacrificial lamb leaves the match, loses SR, gets a ban, but the rest of the team faces no penalty and no SR drop, despite all being in on it. The banned player simply signs in to one of his alts, rejoins the group, and they do it all again, picking a different team member to take the fall the next time it happens. Rinse and repeat until they find a match they can win. It’s retroactive queue dodging.

They’ll farm SR this way, leaving as many matches as they have un-banned alts, only sticking around if it looks like they’ll win.

And in that case, why should the winning team get zero SR, when they did everything right, and would have won the match, only to have one player on the opposing team leave the match 30 seconds before the win?

All you would be doing is shifting the penalty to the winning team, who now get nothing, even though they deserved the win and the SR gain.

So what I’m saying is that the people who keep looking for ways to work the system and gain an unfair advantage, instead of just playing the game as intended, are the reason you lose SR when someone on your team leaves.

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makes sense ty both of you.

How about a Back filler.

  1. We will all Backfill once per X a week
  2. Back filler will not loose SR no matter the outcome.
  3. Back filler will not win SR if he dose not win the game.
  4. Back filler will gain 30 or more CP points even in a loss to compensate him for his time (who cares if they are more golden guns in the game but Back filler will be happy).
  5. The rest of the 5 who had the quitter will suffer the curent usual loss or win of SR according to the outcome.
  6. The 2 minutes period for the quitter to rejoin stay as is , if the back filler arrives 10 seconds before a loss … well tough luck.
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They haven’t fixed it for game’s lifetime. Either they are clueless on how to handle it, or don’t give a hoot :confused: I just started to play the game for my own fun, without giving 2 hoots. Because losing time to these games with leavers is just a time sink. Not worth the headache

just b/c it’s a policy doesn’t mean it’s worth a damn!! In fact this is the dumbest implementation of any system and only used and abused by the devs to keep people playing. It’s a damn joke and about as ignorant as the devs who STILL can’t fix their broken game!!!

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You not liking something doesnt mean its a bad idea or doesnt make sense

You just…dont like it. The concepts can exist simultaneously.

None of this makes sense.
You could just take SR from an entire stack when someone in the said stack leaves and make pressuring someone to leave a reportable offense. You are litterally aggravating the gameplay for no reason.

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I’d be masters in a week by abusing that with throwaway accounts. You shouldn’t argue things you don’t conceptually understand.

This statement makes zero sense. If you’re in a stack and your teammate leaves or vice verse…you won’t climb. Good luck with that though lolz and you probably should not argue things YOU don’t understand!!

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Swing and a miss there, monster

Um you leave the games you’re going to lose. The throwaway account leaves, meaning you lose 0 SR on losses. On wins you both stay and you gain. so you NEVER LOSE SR. How is this hard for you?

how long do you think they will actually last with one account before it’s season banned and then comp banned?! How is htat such a hard concept for you?!?!?!?! Leave games and you will be season banned!! A 3 year old knows that by now genius smh

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please stop talking about things you cannot comprehend…might help your day some

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You have multiple throw away accounts. You cycle them so the leaving penalty never increments (you can leave like 15% of games and never get more than the 10 minute suspension)