Fine, I'll do it myself ('fixing' Mercy)

Yer, if one change is made, it should be the resource meter.

If you can find another way to free up an ability slot, be my guest.

I just don’t see Blizzard removing valk completely, but if they were up for it, then we could talk other abilities to go in the new slot.

Similar to how rez was earnable as ult. Its actually a good idea, considering a lot of Mercy mains (on the forums at the very least) want old Mercy back, it should be a step in the right direction in order to satisfy them.

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Why do I feel like if they put it on a resource meter people would freak out and yell


If we are debating whether or not to put it on a resource meter why not just put it back on the ult then at that point.

like seriously though.

Valk as an ability would be too op. It would give her to many escape options.

It wouldn’t be mass Rez, it would be a single Rez.

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But would Blizz completely scrap it? That’s why it’s shoe horned in, to please blizzard. But by all means, feel free to add your own new ability.

Because many dont want res at all, let alone multiple res at once. So make it a single res ult and people would be mad, make it multiple res ult people would be mad. No win here for anyone.

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They could probably keep the chain beams, not the free flight.

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I’d love rez on a resource meter. And keep the cast time and range but reduce the slower movement speed. That slow-mo rez feels so clunky.

Sadly I’ve read that Blizzard already nixed the idea of rez on resource.

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Problem with valkyrie on a CD is it removes her one weakness. At least right now u have to use an ult to remove that weakness

Since when was this her gameplay? Mass Rez made staying alive the absolute highest priority. No Mercy would risk death to heal her team when she could hide, let them die, and instantly restore them to full health.

Now Mercy can Rez individual targets she had no hope of saving, and use Valk to keep herself and multiple teammates alive without leaving the fight. She can also damage boost her whole team for pushes, or go Battle Mercy and 1v1.

I enjoyed Mercy 1.0 a lot, but 2.0 is fun too and didn’t stop me from maining her. Nor did this highly necessary nerf.


This got discussed many times and the answer always was that is doesnt work. Plus why dont just make it her ult again? Resource meter is basically what is used for ultimates. Plus rez is her most powerful ability so it would make sense to make it her ultimate in some form or way.

Just no. For real this is where a lot of the fun comes from playing Mercy so dont take it away. Leave GA and the bunnyhop alone please.

Mercy has enough mobility with GA and is a dedicated single target healer. Why take all those weaknesses away? Beam priorization and being always on the fly is part of her skillset making it easier is not a good idea.

I dont really care much about this one but you once again take away some “skill” here. If you can mindlessly spam your shots it becomes less of a skill ability to use.

While I appreciate your effort for this I will keep sticking with this rework here sorry.

Most of what you say I discussed in my edits. I forgot about the ‘bunny hop’ tbh though, sorry. However that comes under if not that then how else do we squeeze in an extra ability, whatever that might be.

Someone else also mentioned briefly the problem you raised on the resource meter. I’d like a quote as proof however. Even if true though, this is the only real compromise I see for both sides, so Blizz may have to go back on their word. It’s still not like we’re asking for revert Mercy, we are trying to work with Blizz here.

As much as I understand your point this would cause far far more problems. Res will be dependant on valkyrie (as it will charge faster when valk is active cuz more healing) and the devs stated they don’t want res dependant on valk. We will kinda get the 2.0 situation. The rez outside valk is slowly charged but in Valk it gets on 10 sec cd. (for example). And if Valk doesn’t empower it then what would be the purpose of this already utterly useless ult.

With that in mind we will have to add more limitations to res becaause of it coming too often which will cause even more problems for the Mercy-user-side.
Then you could raise up the cost. But raising the cost means even less resses which makes mercy even more of a heal bot.

On a resource bar the ability will bring more issues than it will resolve

So… You mean E res with a resource meter, right?
That wouldn’t work. Not only said the Dev’s that it would be far to difficult to implement, the overall discussion in the community was also very much against that. It would have way more potential to be very OP and with to much charge time needed, it could be her Ult again anyway (Or we could just go back to 30s CD) if the charge is to high. On top of that, it could cause bad team behavior in which Tanks just take Dmg to get res up early.
There is no reason to give it a resource which needs to be charged, for one use, which makes sense. Balancing it would just again end the the same situation we are in now. Dull and boring gameplay with to much power/no depth at all.

Sure, many say res can only be fun and fair with a resource, but it would need to be her Ult in that case, because, as an E, too many things stand against it.

There is no reason to change the way how you use GA/AD. That would not only mess with her gameplay again, it would also give her to much utility if you want to replace it with another ability.
GA/AD (As well as DmgB and her healing (the latter one less)) are the only things which are still realy fun to use. Let’s don’t kill that.

This is way to much utility and survivability. I know many like the freedom of Valkyrie (Which can also be achieved with her base movement), but there is no way in which Valkyrie as her E would make any sense/would be balanced. It’s just far to much utility.

That just gets a big fat no (pls don’t take that offensive)
Mercy’s gun has a lot of fire power which should not be underestimated. Effectively, you could already kill 2 flankers with less than 10 shots.
On top of that, it would make her gun only less skillful and interesting, it’s just to easy to use.

Nothing but a burst Ult. For sure.
And we have one which was fun and balanced. And fit for Mercy.


Most of this is addressed in my edits. People do seem to hate the infinite ammo though, so I’ll add that to the list.

I agree with the rezz being a resource meter. But would her rezz be like Torb Armor? Like, could I use more resurects if I don’t use them? Torb can create 4 armors and Mercy could rezz 4 people? I don’t Know if you get my point. But I love that idea. If only Blizzard would listen to us.

These are pretty good ideas, as long as its not the return of mass res Im good

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I get your idea, but old valk had a similar tempo rez to it, albeit two not four, but was still OP.

Plus, it adds a tactical side. Do I use rez now, to build up a new one, or save it just it case.