FFA Mirrored Deathmatch unplayable


Played 8 matches of this gamemode and 8 matches ended early because there weren’t enough players. Especially frustrating when you’re close to the lead. :joy: :joy: :joy:


I assume it’s people either leaving because they are losing or they don’t like the heroes. I’m sure the first one is a lot more common and it’s easy to fix. I don’t know why they haven’t changed arcade yet to just games played or something and not games won.


I think it’s just kind of frustrating to choke a kill then get it stolen, then die. I’ve left once or twice due to me choking.


Then they should either turn on backfill or wait until it’s 4 players and give them the win they would have gotten for placing 1st - 4th


I’m at 5 games so far and all got cancelled because of quitters so far… Damnit, I just want the loot box :rofl:


The main reason for this is most likely the limited hero pool, which is total bs as it favors hit scan players and sniper players so much so that it is just ridiculous.

I cant blame people for leaving once they realize that they are only getting a very limited selection of heroes to play. Very, very disappointing, sad to say.


5 games leading. 5 games cancelled. Going back to Comp.


True, although I wouldn’t really mind if they kept it dps only.


Nah, give me Rein. Hammond. Orisa. Brig. Mercy. Why not just all heroes?
Especially Rein. i would love that.


8 games cancelled in a row… truly unplayable
Why keep this game reset immediately after two players leaving is beyond me, just give the remaining 4 victory or give us a 60sec timer as in normal FFA


I needed 2 more wins to get my 3rd arcade lootbox and figured I’d play the new modes and win or atleast place high to get those 2 boxes and end up with 3 boxes. 9 matches later and not only did I not get any boxes but also not a single point of xp from it. would have easily levelled up already and gotten another box.


The other one is fun, I love being mid fight and people are shifting to the next hero, with the final being hammer torb?? rofl


Backfill is already not very good. Making it so that people will enter guaranteed losses in more modes is something that should be avoided. It could work if you remove the win requirement though.


This mode is just trash


Can’t do that now, that would be too much of an easy and fair fix.


FFA is just bad. But this is just even worse. Limited hero pool and barely anyone playing


Weird this hasn’t happened to me once


I hate that there are 2 ffa modes taking up space. And everyone leaves the mirrored match mode so there’s no point in it being there/all the heroes in it suck


Just had a match end early with 30 seconds left on the last hero of the match. What a waste of time.

Shame because I was really enjoying the game mode but I’m not going to play knowing I can get denied end-of-match xp/rewards because of leavers.

Seems like this would have been an easy issue to anticipate and avoid. Noone likes having their time wasted.


The game mode just sucks IMO. I don’t know why they keep bringing it back, very few enjoy it.