[Feedback Thread Continued Part III] Mercy Updates - Jan 30, 2018

What do you do for me as Secretary of State and how much am I paying you?

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The Leader Of The Mercy Ice Cream Movement :angel: :ice_cream:

I run the “Hide n Res” department. You pay me 50% of your earnings.

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The Mercy Ice Cream Movement :angel: :ice_cream:

We almost at 20.5k boys. LET’S DO IT.

Hmm, 10% plus all the ice cream you could ever want

That would require us to have money

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The Leader Of The Mercy Ice Cream Movement :angel: :ice_cream:

Don’t worry, I’m so bad at math that we’ll have money by the end of the day.

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Ok your hired make sure to include:

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The Mercy Ice Cream Movement :angel: :ice_cream:

On all your non negative posts

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Sorry I’m bored and I’m spamming this thread, using it like it’s meant to be used.


So apparently the keywords that trigger a rework are

  • “Disheartening to play”
  • “Counterintuitive gameplay”
  • “Stop doing your job”

Here we go, hopefully Kaplan’s rework-ometer will activate.

Mercy has become the most disheartening character to play as, with and against. Securing an important pick only to have it resurrected is not fun, and neither is having to activate your statue mode to correct an ally’s mistake.

The new core concept of Resurrect being single target encourages a very counterintuitive playstyle. Having to wait 1.75s to use a hero’s signature ability is not fun, goes against the concept of a mobile, dynamic support, and stops Mercy from doing her job as a healer.

Valkyrie… is nothing more than trash. It was supposed to incentivise a more engaged gameplay, yet it does the opposite. I learnt how to juggle beams and prioritise my targets, so why does it grant me chained beams ? I learnt how to use GA to avoid dangers and survive during a fight, but why bother when I can just press space bar and fly away ? I learnt how to play Mercy, so why does my character turn into a spectator camera ?

Overall this rework is outrageously hopeless. There is nothing to save from it. I hope you guys at Blizzard are aware of this :blush:

But all of this is okay because it’s not you who did this.
It was your trainee, and he did his best, but tell him that fixing your broken sr system by destroying Mercy wasn’t the best idea he ever had :sweat_smile:
The best thing that came out of all this is the bug known as “GA bunnyhop”. It’s ironic to think that the only good thing he managed to do was a bug, isn’t it ?
Apart from that everything need to be thrown out.
He binded the ult on E and the E on ult, and removed all skill involved when playing Mercy. So please tell him that his rework was just terrible. Such a rework can only be made by a clueless person, but he’s still training, so don’t be too mean with him :slightly_smiling_face:

I mean it can’t be Blizzard’s balancing team who did this, can it ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You’re all being quiet…

I thought we were supposed to keep talking to get Blizzard’s attention xD


This is reverse psychology.

We try to make them realize that something is wrong by being quiet. /s


Has the team been doing any work using AI to balance characters? I considered myself one of the better Mercy players season 2-9 and I’m down 1300 points from peak. I don’t think there’s anything that I, or even a statistically perfect player can do to climb with Mercy in a 2-2-2.

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You are supposed to have premade team to climb. My dark prophecy becomes reality :worried:

There are two ways to trigger the antennas of Blizzard.

  1. Either make too much of noise.
  2. Or kill Mercy but dropping her lowest played character.

I go back point 2 mostly, sadly most of the people in OW arent in forums, and prefer to play Mercy, specially duo stack.
The reason Mercy is played isnt even for her Ress, but she can be duo stack, damage boost and done. Plus its easy to be boosted as her since she just needs to heal mostly. Not like strategic like other healers.

Once Mercy is like dead. Like 5% usage or not at all, that time Blizz will be working her.
Tbh, I want a refund on my 1st Golden Gun, Mercy. I didnt spend my 3000 comp points and played 400-600 matches just to buy a golden gun for a hero I loved, and then get shat all over it cause the community dislikes it.


In honesty, if Mercy is blocked from people in Duo stack, then there maybe hope for balance changes cause that why, Mercy will be given attention for a BUFF. But currently as she is.
I WILL report players who play her cause they should read the patch.
Mercy Heals 50s. Winston does damage of that.
Mercy Ult sucks. Lucio or Orisa does it better, plus 50s isnt gonna make you live for long.

Only use is Pharah pocket, that also when to direct shots.


Ah… I missed this thread.
How goes it here?

I haven’t been here in ages… I thought it was locked still, tbh. :sweat_smile:

Oh, and btw… we really should have fixed Mercy by now.
Just saying.


Honestly @TomPowers, at this point i dont believe you actually care for the feedback in regards to mercy. It’s just salt in the wounds at this point.

But then again, let’s give you the same automated response you gave us all.

Refer to the mercy megathread; Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:


Mercy isn’t fine.

This is why I instead bought torbjorn’s golden gun at the time because my thinking was “torbjorn was already rock bottom so he can only go up from here”

and now mercy’s in that state right now but instead of buying her golden gun you know what I did?

I bought Hammond’s.



I bought Bastion’s golden gun first… :disappointed_relieved:

My second golden gun?
You guessed it.



5 people with synergy and callouts can carry a torbjorn. It has nothing to do with enabling mercy.

Just like torbjorn, you now have to be carried, if you want to climb.


Five people with synergy and callouts can carry a bastion

Torb can carry himself now. <.<

But yea… a team can make anything work as long as the team carries. as a whole.

One out of six heroes can still be unplayable under any other circumstances…
Which is sad, as many people think that means they are “Viable” and “Must be fun, cos you can win games?”