[Feedback Thread Continued Part III] Mercy Updates - Jan 30, 2018


Its literally on the patch notes from the devs but i guess you know more than them.
You know, the dudes that ACTUALLY made the patch and said they were QoL except the speed buff.



Oops. Sorry. Different companies have different definitions of QoL buffs i suppose.


Welp, this puts a wide, wide smile on my face.

See ya in the next Mercy tears thread pal!


I think that it wasn’t planned by Blizzard for this game to have a community, when they were trying to make it e-sport. Whole game was supposed to have two kinds of people:

  • pro players, that already on top, playing OWL.
  • players, that are trying very hard to be pro players, copying their heroes, tactics, etc.

But something went wrong, as some players realized, that they won’t ever reach top, and switched to different aspects of game.

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Action taken against False Flagging? Nice
It’s locked again
Action taken against False Flagging? Nice
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I assumed it happened because already flagged posts were merged here, together having enough flags to cause it to automatically close?


Thank you, Tom. Sadly, once again this thread is all about the false flagging.

And just after he wrote that, it was closed again ;p


Dang, someone is trying their best to be an absolute jerk…


It’s amazing how it’s being closed, even though Tom made a statement about false flagging.


Then why have Mercy mains been ignored throughout the entire Mercy rework? None of our feedback has been taken on board.

That sounds like their excuse for ignoring us.


I Hope this is true… Because right now, this thread seems like ignored, and even each Mercy thread…

Anyway, Mercy Need a Revert or a Rework, but this was said a million times by other people… Resurrect as a normal ability can’t work properly, It needs to be an ult again


If only that were true. As James here said, why have Mercy mains been ignored for nigh on a year now? None of our feedback has been remotely discussed.

I’m starting to wonder if the best solution to this problem would be to end the megathread and make hero/role subforums instead, at least categories can’t be flagged? I don’t honestly know what is really motivating some flagging but by guessing it’s either the merged posts/threads which have been flagged causing this megathread to be flagged, or alternatively some players who have become annoyed with no actual official discussion of feedback after a year.


Not now, James. We are dealing with more important issue right now.


I hope they pay you extra for this Tom! Phew, that’s a lot of work here…


Can you maybe just disable the flagging feature on this thread?? It’s like watching a tennis match. Back and forth. Closed. Open. Closed. Open. Someone got in a comment, what a play! Closed. Open.


Yeah thanks. So why throw all the feedback people provide into this void together with trollposts? People have given you over the past months tons of stuff to think about. Yet detailed posts go unanswered into this thread just like ridiculous nerf and trollposts.
A lot of us have put effort into finding a good and balanced way for Mercy but you ignore us all. Why do you pretend to care if you never answer us or do anything about the issue?

Mercy Megathread