[Feedback Thread Continued Part III] Mercy Updates - Jan 30, 2018

Man, I love coming back to this thread and seeing 400+ of new out of order posts due to mass moving.


It’s only with Dragonstrike apparently.
Others ults still interact correctly with nanoboost.

At least that. Grandma had enough nerfs already. She could use a help.
But anyway, that is just making things even more obscure and inconsistent. How long do they want to make the learning curve for this game? There is quite a few things that react in a very odd way already.


They moved a joke thread in here… does this prove they don’t read?

Of course. But we knew that already xd

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In a post from Tom to another thread regarding him saying they read the forums, I replied saying that the Mercy megathreads are an exception. I also suggested perhaps having more forum categories for either per role or per hero. It’s hard for anyone to keep up with the discussion in the megathread when moderators just keep dumping anything to do with Mercy here (even a joke thread). Naturally I didn’t get a response however.


Mercy cant have threads w/o them being tossed here…yet sym and sombra threads dont get forced to a megathread.

that is Hero-ist Blizzard…

For shame.


Meh, I’d have to argue that their fanbases are less devoted and don’t take up as much space.

you my good sir/madam must not of seen all the threads about them past week.

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I mean overall. They flare up when changes happen, but otherwise, they aren’t that prevalent.

Us Mercy mains on the other hand…

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Oh my, this isn’t just US. This is global. (mainly because everyone knows noone cares about the other forums)

i find it amusing that its been almost half a year and this thread is still going strong (for better or for worse). although its been quite some time since my last post here i still think mercy hasnt felt right ever since the change. i have adapted of course but it still feels like valk is a very underwhelming ult


Because it is. Especially since the nerfs. Yeah, when you went god mode and dashed around rezzing up to 4 people while flying the speed of sniper’s nightmare - that was almost as much of a rush as successful big rez. Almost. Now it’s just pres Q to become an overrated chandelier.


i come back here everyday hoping the devs will finally do or say something but its overwatch so im not surprised with the lack of action being done for a big part of the player base


Zen doesn’t damage boost in the traditional sense. Mercy’s damage boost applies to everyone that a specific hero damages. Zen’s “damage boost” applies to everyone that attacks a specific hero.

It’s not a damage boost as much as a resistance debuff on a specific hero. Mercy and Ana have an actual damage boost.

In Moira’s effective range of 20 meters, a good mercy can hit almost every shot. If you can’t and are complaining about how little damage she does, you’re either playing Mercy wrong or have terrible accuracy.

One is a damage boost, the other one is a vunlerability on the chosen target

Just going to post this in here again. Just so everyone sees it.


Well, if we’re on the topic of bumping rework suggestions:


sounds mainly good to me but getting some minor damage reduction on mercy during the mass rez cast would be neat.

That depends whether we want her to be killable during the cast or just interruptable. I would go for a supercharged self heal rather and make her still vulnerable to things like sniper headshots etc. With 0.8 cast time, the dmg red would have to be racked up pretty high to make sense.