[Feedback Thread Continued Part III] Mercy Updates - Jan 30, 2018

Grunt: “Sir, we’re receiving reports that Mercy is still able to outplay DPS without 1v1ing them with a widowmaker sniper rifle at dawn on the ceremonial field of dong measuring honorable dueling.”

Shadowy Figure: “This is very serious. PRESS THE RED NERF BUTTON IMMEDIATELY.”

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But Trump said he would drain the swamp. He would never lie to us…:neutral_face:

The goal with the idea of a burst heal, to use res without dead allies is, to shift the power of Mass Res more to the midfight. So it should be far more than 200HP. I understand your concern about Tank’s, but as an Ult it would be way less regular than for example Ana’s healing Nade. Even 100% HP would be no problem for the start, if it’s too strong, the amount of healed HP can still be adjusted with a set number.

As i already stated, Movement abilities, healing and utility abilities can cause some balance problems. I generally thing that those are really not a good idea. The only movement idea i can think of, which might be not to strong, is a change to GA. The idea is that, if you have no target, Mercy jumps up. That would only work on the ground. The height would be just enough to reach the balcony on first point Eichenwalde (or that first bridge in the training area). If GA is used that way the CD would be 0.5s longer.

But your right, if we give her a new movement ability, even if it’s only something minor, her slef heal would need to take a bit longer to kick in. 1.5-1.75s seems reasonable for me.

The E… i wouldn’t give her one (partly because i have her weapon switch on E), it has to much potential to be broken. A small self defense ability, like a Aoe knockback might be fun to try but more is no real option.

Where did they say that? As far as i know he lost priority at one point.

I think they said Torb was next after Sym. They didn’t mentioned changing their mind, I think.

Well… i know that this is from a long time ago, but it seems like they have something in between Sym and Torb.
The hopes for that being Mercy are more or less dead, but he is obviously planned for later. Unless they said something about that, i may have missed that.

I wonder who that someone is. I’ve heard about how they wanted to do something about Reinhardt, but it still might be someone else.

Unfortunately, I doubt it’s Mercy.

And Torb being put off further? Nooo!! :persevere:

Could be Sombra, they’ve announced changes to her in July.

Yeah, I heard about that. But I consider that like a fix more than anything.

The most recent dev post did say that what they had in store for Sombra was “big.” And the devs have developed a habit of understating things in order to manage expectations.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a rework.

To be honest, I think she needs it. But that’s the thing with a character like Sombra, it’s hard to design her not to be super annoying to play against when viable (which results in them keeping her un-viable). It’s kinda the same with Doomfist, who I really think has a terrible kit (who thought giving a character 3 CC abilities was a great idea?).

Crazy idea time: what if they reworked Sombra into a support?

They could limit how many health packs Sombra could hack, but in return the hack is permanent until Sombra hacks a different health pack.

Sombra could hack an ally to overclock their abilities. What that would do, I have no idea. (But it sounds cool).


That is a crazy idea. Dx

While personally not opposed, I think others might feel differently. Besides, what I most want is for DF to be reworked as an off-tank instead. No one-shots, just using the punch to make space for his team. Remove some of his CC in favor protection. :slight_smile:

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That sounds really cool!

I just think the whole idea of DF as a pure dps is flawed - dying to one-shots is among the least fun aspects of the game, but with snipers at least you have shields. It would make so much more sense for him as a tank to be more of a “protect supports” kind or for helping to make a path to move forward when enemies are huddled behind shields.

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B-but… One punch is all he needs!

They just rebuild the programming behind Reinhardt and maybe give him a buff against CC.

I’m not sure if it’s Sombra, because she is just extremely buggy.

It leaves too much room for imaginations, i guess.

Oh, okay! :grin: I think Reinhardt and McCree need a passive.

I know you say it in jest, but the truth is that it’s hype around his punch the forced him to become what he is. They sacrificed him as an interesting new tank because “lore says he can punch down a building”. Like, it’s not like he can do that in-game anyway, so might as well have just made him a tank… at least then he would have the health and shields to justify his bulk.