[Feedback Thread Continued] Mercy Updates - Jan 30, 2018

I think I missed Columbo, but I think I’ll slap this here in case he/she decides to come back:


One more thing:
“Silawatsi is 14 years old.”

You’re using that as an insult?

I’m fifteen.

You, sir/ma’am have resorted to the argument of a six-year-old and have lost all respect from me. You do not belong on the forums if you attempt to discredit arguments based upon age.


This rework has been a disaster. The real problem with mass rez (aside from the retroactively fixed SR exploit) was that so much of the community REFUSED to consider counterplay for it.

Mercy has always been a free meal for dive heroes, and mass rez wrapped up the enemy with a bow for the vast majority of offensive ultimates to re-wipe them. All you had to do to counter Mercy 1.0 was field a dive hero with decent target priority, and not dump all your ults at once. SIMPLE.

But so many flankers just chased whatever caught their eye first instead of doing their job and focusing on keeping the enemy healer dead. So many teams spammed their ults instead of thinking “gee, maybe using all of our most valuable rescources at once is a bad idea.

Mercy has been the victim of players refusing to play the game properly, who then witchunted anything that punished them for that.

Now Mercy’s skill ceiling is so low she has to crouch, and the whole “pure sidekick” design has vast majority of Mercy players bored to tears.


Valkyrie is also useful to kill/escape from that annoying pharah/dps that your teammate can’t deal with because:

  • I’m a flanker I have to be on the other side of the map also I NEED HEALING
  • I’m a DPS, I have to shoot that shield to shoot that enemy, could you boost damage me ???
  • I’m a tank, I have to tank if I turn my back one second I’ll die, yes even with my big asf hp bar and that other tank being here
  • I’m the other tank, I tank when the other tank tank, I tank when the other tank doesn’t tank, I also do damage boost me
  • I’m the other heal, I’m possibly dead or dying stay strong my friend, I’ll try to help you

Sarcasm aside…

I agree with Silawatsi, the real problem were ppl not doing their job telling you how to do yours and complaining about how you where not a god player like they were(n’t).

Wow… I’m surprised. Game mode is going to get either a whole lot harder or they did something to the game mode to not target Mercy while in Valkyrie.


Valkyrie will help with the Slicers… but just wait for Bastions.



Not Mercy, of course.


what a tease.

20 char

As I understand it, Hanzo’s also getting that Volley rapid-fire ability, which is the one actually replacing Scatter. That leap he’s getting is there to get him away from things that dive him, I think?

I kept a spreadsheet for my SR gains and losses and posted them on the forums for weeks when we said SR was broken. I was gaining on average 17 SR and losing on average 22. Later someone said they were getting good SR ratios with mass rezz and thats when all the BS started but I never changed my playstyle during that time because I like having a positive winratio XD

Dude from reading your posts I would guess you either have:

  1. Strict parents like me or
  2. Attended private school like I did


I used to make some good pocketmoney with literature pieces as a teen

Your argumentations and presentations are really well presented and written

Also just played some games with friends on this alt. I outhealed a mercy as ZEN and later I went DVA for a bunch of matches and I was SOOOOOOO happy a friend played ANA. He kept sleeping a widow at max range and he kept me in my mecc as I super agressively countered a pharah out of the sky. The bust heals just felt SO good and in return i kept a tracer off her with DM and she hit allot of sleeps on the flankers too.


I wonder if Blizzard is considering making a Brigitte mega-thread? Would be nice to see all those nerf-threads locked away in their own void, then some people might understand the distaste many people here have for this thread… :stuck_out_tongue:


whats is disgusting is people who lock onto roles like Tank and DPS do not acknowledge role playing… which is severely irritating.

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Well, let’s grab some popcorn and wait for the inevitable army of complains saying “Uprising is impossible because each time Rein dies it’s game over”. If they are so stubborn with this bad design, they will crash and burn, that simple. Unless they turn the bots AI into the dumbest one in their history, of course.


I wonder if they actually tested it… I don’t think it is going to go well…


I’m like “please be Mercy, be Mercy”
I can’t see her in this state anymore


I summed up that many times. In higher difficulties, Tracer is more a problem than a real aid for her team, even with her insane mobility, because bots can shoot her easily. Also, even with Mass Rez, it was extremely difficult. So, just floating around in middle of nowhere while doing nothing relevant, surrounded by bots and having to spend 2 seconds in middle of heavy enemy fire, chances are if Reinhardt dies (and he will at some moment) the game will be over immediately.


There also the issue of the MMR system :confused: my current MMR for that mode basically means Hard mode is difficult because the mid tier level players can’t tank or DPS in an efficient way. Way to go match maker… you always find a way to ruin my game one way or another.

Best I could do was run Mercy, but then one of the other heroes was bound to fail :confused: annoyingly you are right, everything is reliant on Reinhardt… though for better or for worst, we do have a BlackWatch variant of Uprising…

I find it amusing how they have a priority list of heroes that need nerfing / buffing / changing and people use that as an argument to say X hero isn’t gonna be worked on for months.
Blizzard is a multibillion company with thousands of employees. They don’t have 5 people sitting at a desk who have to come up with a fix in the time span of a week. They have hundreds of people who bring ideas and discussions and can make changes within hours if they really wanted to.


At that time i had the feeling to be the only one which got more than 25 SR for one win with Mercy and lost something like 20-25 with a lose… Res average at 6-6.5 at that time. For me everything seemed to be normal. I never had SR problems really.
That “someone” could include all OW youtubers. But for the most part, it was the fault of the Dev’s saying that they compare apples to apples. That was pretty much the start of everything.