[FEEDBACK + SUGGESTIONS] 1-3-2 would be an amazing addition

Move offtanks to DPS Category and nerf their healths.

With nerfs to health to some of the offtanks (Hog ~400HP and Hammond~450HP) , the damage heroes such as: hanzo, mei, mccree would need nerfs in raw damage output [ESPECIALLY HANZO].

Balance for 1-3-2 Suggestions:


  • Halt’s (Pull) area of effect down to 6.5 meter radius from 7.5 meter radius


  • Fully pulled back arrow’s max damage would be pushed down to 100 from 125
  • Storm arrow down to 4

Reasons: Hanzo does too much damage too quickly and is one of the main reasons heroes like soldier, genji, tracer feel a lot worse in a competitive 6v6 setting just because hanzo outshines them in raw damage extremely easily. He will still be able to one shot enemies with a headshot and 2-shot them with a fully pulled back bow. The storm arrow count makes it so that his arrow spam especially in choke points would allow tanks (especially maintanks) to be less stressed every time they peek a choke to place a shield or try to firestrike. (Currently a rein could lose about 250 damage just from hanzo’s strom arrow spam while he tries to firestrike and possibly die, Orisa’s could get one shot especially in lower ranks, Winston will now be allowed to complete his jump without losing 70% of his HP mid jump)


  • Removed multi-freeze HOWEVER you can freeze one person and slow down the other players in the primary fire’s range
  • Mei’s endothermic blaster bodyshot down to 70 damage, Headshot damage will be 140

Reasons: Mei’s multifreeze means that she can chain CC and heavily slow/freeze an entire team just through her primary fire


  • Flashbang’s max range down to 6 meters
  • Flashbang’s area of effect down to 2.5 meters

Reasons: This would mean that the mccree player has to be a little bit more accurate when using his stun. Stun abilities are some of the most important abilities and can usually lead to an insta-kill or can cancel a lot of ultimates.

This would mean that you would have to put in more effort to do what you already did before, it would allow some of the heroes that basically got kicked out of the meta because of new powerful heroes (the newer heroes are usually a lot more powerful than the existing ones, for example: Brig, Sigma, Bap, etc.).

It would just mean that the game would require more skill, it would be less spammy and a tad bit less dependent on OP abilities, it would be more fun, chaotic and make the players want to grind more. It would go back to the fun FPS game it used to be and be a lot more interactive.

I think I disagree with the first part. I think good teamplay and shotcalling focus would be rewarded MORE (if the balance changes I suggested are introduced). I do agree with the fact that it would take away a lot of pressure off of players because currently it wants us to FORCE combos with our team to win fights and I have never played in a 1-3-2 setting but it seems like reliance on matchmaking teammates would be reduced which is a GOOD thing.

Overall, 1-3-2 sounds a lot more positive to me than 2-2-2. What this game needs is something big and new, 1-3-2 is a good step in the right direction.

Well, if they were to change it, it’d mean ALL tanks will need to go through changes. Like how will a 600hp shield work with Orisa? Not to mention Dva wouldn’t even be a tank.

1-3-2 would make the game better but not sure how it’ll make the game enjoyable for tanks. I remember solo tanking (still doing with on a regular basis with someone dpsing on tank). It’s not fun.

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You’ve never solo tanked in a 1-3-2. (Meaning the enemy team would also have ONE maintank).

It’s more balanced in a 1-3-2 setting. Dva’s armor would most likely be reduced. I don’t know what you mean by ‘How will orisa’s 600HP shield work’. It’ll be how it normally works? The only time orisa will be countered heavily is if they let hanzo be this massive high damage spamming hero. Orisa will most likely remain the best tank even in a 1-3-2 setting if they don’t add nerfs to her.

Honestly I’m torn. I either want off-tanks reworked as dps OR making them viable as solo tanks. Buff the hell out of Zarya’s bubbles, Dva’s DM and Hog’s self heal.

Could also go the dps route and buff their damage. I think they could all be really good as beefy DPS (Ball and Hog especially) but Zarya and to an extent Dva might have the potential to solo tank if they buff their tanky abilities to compete with the main tanks.

I just kinda want to see what the game would be like if we didn’t need a shield for every game
if that’s possible


I believe that it would be a problem to move ‘off-tanks’ to DPS. If we reduced HP, or pretty much anything, to try and fit a tank as a DPS their abilities would still be tank-like, making it a wiser decision to override a 3rd DPS slot with the pseudo-tank class (which is what I would consider Mei, right now, a lot of her abilities are tank-like.)

I feel that if we were to do a 3-2-1 style comp, then the ‘off-tanks’ should be reworked to fit the ‘tank’ role. I would even argue that some DPS, such as Mei, should be moved to the Tank slot; as DPS’s sole focus should be fragging out, not zoning and making space.

Just Imagine someone picking Rein as the sole Tank and then we get a classic 2-2-2 style comp with a Zarya, who received no actual changes to her kit, just the numbers related to the kit. Maybe her bubble only absorbs 100hp, instead of 200, well; it’s still able to block anything at least once, making it tank ability.

If I were to change the offtanks it would be somewhere along the lines of allowing the off-tanks to protect more units at once.

Example of Tank Changes I would make for 3-2-1

Self-bubble applies to heroes within 2m (up to 2 other people than herself. Her ally bubbles would be applied up to 2-3 allies.
Take a breather applies a small (10%) damage reduction to all allies within 10m. (Lore being that the vapors coming out of the bottle covers everyone) Maybe even an Ammo boost (again) so that he tends to be the only DPS/Tank.
Her Defense Matrix would get a longer and wider range. I don’t think she’ll need any other buffs to make her a better TANK.
Honestly, he’s good right now. His job is to distract and disrupt the enemies. This is really decent with a lot of self-reliant DPS/Suppport.

Orisa would still be the most powerful tank in the game, even if we went with my suggestions and convert off-tanks to main. Orisa’s true strength comes from her Fusion Driver (main gun), we would need to nerf that to actually do anything to her. It’s the Fusion Driver, Halt, and Barrier that makes he so insanely powerful but without the Fusion Driver’s strength all of her kit falls apart (after the nerfs she’s received).

if you want 132, you need to think in the lines of
orisa : gets 3000 armor, 2000 hp, plus buff to everything else, like firerate, ammo etc…
if you think if they make 132 you gonna have weak tanks like they are now, youre funny

Just say you hate tank players

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Can you imagine queue times then?!

Holy heck, you’re asking people to solo tank, you’re removing half the tank alternatives, putting them in the DPS queue to crowd up the joint even more and not only that, the only buff the remaining tanks get is a Pull buff, of all things, an Orisa buff?

This is like pissing on tank’s face without the courtesy of calling it rain.

But they, here’s 25 credits!

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yeah no this 3-2-1 idea is honestly the worst thing that would be implemented into this game.

It isnt even a pull buff. IT A FLAKING PULL NERF.

Can the devs pls just leave the forums again before they get some bad ideas?

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Right, I flipped it in my head for some reason.

This topic should be titled “The opposite of what should be done.”

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its a pull nerf. Why exactly would you buff the one best tank that has sustained so many horrible metas thats killing the game?