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Dummy Bots should be able to be created even without player slot as long as the current number of Bots doesn’t exceed the unique hero count.
Shouldn’t even require the Create More Dummy Bot extension.

Interacting with spectators is however not possible in the way you desire, the only thing possible is reading inputs from the Host when they’re the spec.

rule("Rule 1")
		Player Joined Match;
		Team 2;

		Is Dummy Bot(Event Player) != True;

		If(Count Of(Filtered Array(All Players(Team 1), !Is Dummy Bot(Current Array Element))));
			Remove Player(Event Player);
			Move Player to Team(Event Player, Team 1, -1);

Would be the closest possible solution.
If there’s already a player on Team 1 then the player on Team 2 gets kicked otherwise they’re move to Team 1.



It isn’t.
Slots only matter for when you want human players or Blizzard bots in your game, otherwise it won’t matter since Dummies can be created without having the Slot open.

Also those inconsistencies were pain to work with, sometimes you used player slot other times just Player on Hero for the Bots…
Every time you referenced the Bot you wanted to via Slot instead of using Event Player when that event could already only trigger for that slot.

Multiple bots weren’t even setting the correct player on fire…

I added some inconsistencies on my own, now you’re also sometimes using Ongoing Each Player with the Condition Is Dead(Event Player), other times Player Died.
~ Enjoy.

In addition brig and Sombra were still holding their respective ability buttons after respawn because they stopped holding the wrong buttons.

You’re using player slots in regard to reference, but not for any kind of Entity that requires them.
Having the lobby player slots allows anything, not having them only allows dummy bots to exist.

Maybe did, unsure though, the the HP mistake is fixed for sure.
Also were using the wrong slot reference for the respective bots.

Ana not sure, from the last test I remember she wasn’t using it consistent.

Torb at most died once more after respawn, but didn’t enter an infinite respawn loop

Are fixed, respawn time is now 0.5.

Anyone who was holding buttons should have died once more after respawn unless I am mistaken.

Now mercy as well with her not counting towards the Failed hook counter when not successfully killed.
Though if she didn’t already she doesn’t add towards the total hook counter, whoops.
Too late to fix that now.