Fairly Suspended

That is true.
You’re absolutly right. It’s my issue and my fault.

While I understand the annoyance with the first two issues you also must understand your teammates perspective. Their team has left the game presumably during a pretty nice match and instantly soured the mood of five other players. There is no real fix for your issue and if they attempted to make less of a punishment people would abuse the living hell out of it to “leave” during a match when in reality they couldnt be bothered or are rage quitting. Teammates leaving during any game is incredibly depressing and oftentimes can rapidly turn the tides of a match.

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You’re right, everyone is right… We can’t prove we are guilty or not.
I don’t think I thought it through enough.
The game/developers can’t and shouldn’t differentiate. If you leave you should be suspended, because your teammates suffer the most.

So let me apologize; I didn’t think it through, you should be suspended for leaving even if it’s not entirely your fault. I shouldn’t have thought of myself. I apologize again. I’m sorry.

The only way Blizzard could fix this is by putting a spy inside your home to check if you aren’t disconnecting the laptop on purpose. There isn’t anyway to fix this kind of stuff and that’s why the bans are progressive.

This happens to everyone at some point, don’t need to apologize, just move on and wait for the ban to end.

They could have backfill in comp. That’s probably too complicated for them to figure out though. What we have is probably the best format, even if it does ultimately cater to trolls.

Upset at your team? Just leave. They will lose. Upset at your team but don’t want a penalty? Pick a hero you suck at or just make stupid “mistakes.” They will lose.

Personally, I would prefer if the poor sports and trolls just leave and get replaced, but again, too complicated with regards to SR.

Flotaku said it best, there really is no way for the game to determine when a person leaves due to an accidental disconnection or power outage versus someone who could fake those issues in order to abuse any loopholes. We also don’t want players playing Competitive if they are frequently encountering issues either, and they should take time to fix and thoroughly test in low-stake modes like Quick Play that those issues are resolved. This is why the starting penalty is relatively small but will quickly ramp up. If a player continues to ignore their technical issues and continue to leave games, the result can be a suspension from Competitive Play for the remainder of the season, which will result in the loss of all end-of-season rewards. Hope this information helps, and I hope your technical issues will resolve soon.

For anyone who sees this, if you are dealing with persistent disconnection or game crashes, our customer service team may be able to help, which you can reach out to at Blizzard Support.


You are curious if people have connection issues? Yes. Sometimes people do.

Yes, you left them. There is no ‘left’

Elitist? I wish.

No, what I’m saying is something that I do to prevent getting disconnected that I have direct control over.

No, not everyone will have the same realistic options. I live in a rural area and am more prone to power outages, hence why I have power backups in the first place.

But those steps are what I do to make sure that I don’t ruin a Comp game because X happened.

I cannot control the internet provider if they decide to go offline for some reason. I cannot control many other aspects outside of my sphere here, but those things I can control, I will to ensure that I minimize the chance of losing connection or crashing so that I avoid the timeout/bans. And obviously if I’m having a problem even once in those instances I do have problems, I consider myself done for the day and try again some other time in case the issue persists.


Not being elitist, its being prepared.

Game on.

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What are all the penalties before seasonal ban?

Banned for certain amount of times x minutes, hours, days

The exact values are the ones that I am interested in.
I only know about 10, 15, … 1h, … 24h …

Second comment breaks down the penalties and shows that you can lower the status by completing games.

Dear Craig and flotaku,
Thank you both so much for explaining. I understand and have no one but myself to blame. I’m sorry I started a discussion without thinking it through. I wasn’t looking for sympathy and I didn’t want people to get angry. It was just a question.
I’ll check if I’m powered in the future before playing competitive again.
Thank you again

Sry but you still left. Doesnt matter if it was a dc. You still left your team so they had to play 5v6. Suspension is right

This sounds like entirely your fault and preventable.

I once played Comp and we roll enemy and then we get restart with no information just randmely game dacade to get differend map and we loose becouze of that. How explain that?

I still have video from that day.

There’s always been some kind of myth about players throwing, leaving and being insulting during games joining some undesirable list of players that consist of regrouping toxic people only for a few matches.

I don’t know if it’s true but I would recommend not playing Competitive straight away after your 8-hour long ban. Maybe go play some QP so the system considers you as some trustworthy player again. I don’t know how much this would take if it’s indeed not a myth.

Good luck !

One tip on laptop. Try to play widowed. Most of the time windows/linux shows some hints/icons/messages about battery discharge, I often put a warning at 50% battery, so will open a pop-up or a warning on the screen if the battery is low, meaning it’s discharging, at 50% could give me enough time to pick the charger and still be able to play the rest of the match.

About network issues (with icons on the screen and weird behavior on the game) and you can “expand” the advanced stats to see things like IND and Latency, those numbers often oscilate a ton prior disconnect unless it is a simply shutdown or cut.

Aside that @DTMAce said properly. Competitive is a serious mode for a reason, while most folks don’t take it seriously and the current state reflecting that. Is the responsability of the player make the measures to avoid technnical problems, which in your case wasn’t taken properly. If you can UPS and use a more reliable connection you should do your best to use it, is almost the “bare minimum” way to minimize issues on your end. If at least 10% of folks actually took care of the bare minimum of checking if is charging and wired most of the complaints about those timeouts would vanish. While UPS can appear to be overkill, think this way:

“You have a sensible work to do for your job, you would risk to do it without any kind of reability?” If you answer was “yes” then, comp should be taken as seriously as it. If was “no” then, you shouldn’t consider comp at first place.

Folks say “comp is fun”, but the goal of comp isn’t fun. Is to win. You can have fun, but doesn’t mean that the mode was intended to be. Can sound a bit harsh but more often than not folks simply don’t take comp seriously and things like your case and poorly quality of matches are bounded to happen.

Mistakes happen, I hope the lesson was learnt and also could help you in the future to diagnose and avoid another headache like that. Try to do some checkups prior to it, to give you and your teammates a better experience.

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It might be technically possible to run a trace route back from the connected IP to determine if a disconnect was a result of one of the hops being down, but I haven’t heard of a game that does this.

You have some point in that it should be taken a little more rigidly than an arcade match, but damn. Games are to have fun. Some people have fun when they’re being ranked… but it’s still supposed to be fun.