Failed to Connect to Server

It looks like there’s a rolling issue with players from certain regions having intermittent troubles with connecting to the game servers. In this case tonight it appears to be occurring within Southern Ontario.

The last three games in a row there’s been a “leaver” in the first 30 seconds of the game:

  1. It was another player.
  2. It was me. The queue timer stopped and it appeared to be loading the game, but instead I was just sitting in the lobby. And then I was hit with a 10 min suspension.
  3. I was able to connect but with another <30s “leaver”.

This clearly isn’t a coincidence.

Please OW devs, there must be a smarter system that can detect these things (ie not attempt to launch the game instance unless it can verify all players can infact connect) and also a mechanism to appeal unwarranted SR loss once connection issues are verified to be non-specific to individual IP’s (ie region-wide).

Looking forward to your response.

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From the stickies:

What if I want to provide feedback on the penalty system?

We understand that the penalty system can always be improved. If you have specific feedback for things we might change to make the system better, we have forums for that. You can use the Competitive Discussion or General Discussion forums to deliver that feedback. We’ve got some folks there that check those threads for player feedback and report to the developers. Some of our development team will even reply to threads there, too.
source: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties

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