"Failed to connect" No Support

Good afternoon,

I wanted to play Overwatch today. And wanted to join a Comp match but it just said “Game found” and after a while the following message appeared in the chat “Failed to Connect”. Now I had this problem before. I had this problem yesterday and earlier this year and heard several people complaining about this issue.

So I decided to contact customer support regarding this issue. And about my 8 hour suspension and SR and Endorsement loss. The only thing customer support can do is troubleshoot your connection and system files. While this already happened several times. My boyfriend even got a season ban last season because of this issue and he is on a complete other network in a other city.
So I said Okay, well if you can’t remove the suspension can I contact someone who can do this and check this issue since more people are experiencing this and this is for me again just a waste of games I won and also the 8 hour suspension which gets longer every connection failure is also a waste of time.

Really, I love the game. And I love the leaver system. But thinking that I spent more than 100 euros at least on this game and a lot of my time. And not getting any support to resolving my suspension or anything like SR which took me a lot of time really disappoints me. People buy Blizzard’s games and support them but they also expect something back when there is a problem at their side or Blizzard’s side.

So I hope anyone reads this and can help me out of this stupid suspension. And if you’re experiencing this too please reply. Because then I don’t feel like I’m the only on at the moment. It just doesn’t make any sense and it kills my enjoyment playing the game.

Friendly regards,

There really isn’t anything anyone can do about your suspension.

One question though: is your boyfriend on the same ISP as you?

When there are major outages, the forums are FLOODED with people talking about it. We’d usually see 20-30 threads for the same issue in a row. But that isn’t happening right now, so it seems like something between you and Blizzard is broken.

They don’t reverse suspensions, and they don’t reimburse SR loss, ever.

Excuse me. I don’t have another topic about this. Also, the issue isn’t on my side. Everything is perfectly fine. We troubleshooted it twice. And all other games and CoD work perfectly. This only happens in Overwatch. And only in competitive match. There are more people complaining about this. Because more people are experiencing this issue. More people than you actually think. It would be my problem if I had the problem only myself. But there a pretty amount of people complaining about this.


He is not on the same ISP as me. He is on a completely other network in another city also. So that isn’t the problem. I wish it was my ISP their problem. Then there could be a solution. Now there isn’t. Every topic that is created about this are only replied with the fact that it’s our issue. And it’s our connection. Well then there are a lot of people with internet problems I think?

Sorry, to clarify, you participated in another topic on this issue (not started one, as I previously stated). I thought you were participating in that discussion to troubleshoot, that is my mistake.

Since I am only a volunteer and not an employee, I can’t investigate the issue to the extent you are seeking. With that, I’m going to bow out of this discussion while you seek an official response. Good luck.