Extremely excited for the coming Halloween Terror event

Honestly this event might be the only reason currently that I’m excited for OW2.

I can’t wait to see where they’ll take the event in the future and I hope that they’ll make a fully playable PvE mission OW2 style for this event.


Any kind of brittle, especially peanut brittle, or similar candied nuts. ^,^

Oh this is HYPE.

Imagine a segmented story based event, where you claim areas and progress like we see in OW 2, but with Halloween themes and in-game events, based perhaps on skin choice even.

I had never heard of brittles before :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, some of them look delicious :yum:

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Meh, just give me archives missions or better give us the rio de janeiro mission just to prepare for OW2…

This will be the year I finally get that Ana mummy skin. Mummies are such underrated monsters.

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I’m gonna be that dev and say that I can’t wait for you all to see this year’s skins.

They look outstanding!


I can wait… for sure… but… NNNNGGGH


Goodie, three more weeks of weekly boxes and i should be good to pick one of the new skins of my choosing!

(I do hope that’s still do-able and creds carries over in ow2 though. I know the skins does but i mean for future events.)


i want a new mercy skin

hasnt gotten a halloween skin since 2016



Ya but what’s the event like?

prob the same thing but just diff skins

skin diff


Honestly i wouldn’t expect much different until after OW2 comes out…

Can’t have too many skins. That’s what I always say. Hundreds and hundreds of skins. Never gets old, no sir.

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Deathwing D.Va…

Deathwing D.Va…

Deathwing D.Va…


It would be a really really nice surprise. I don’t expect it, but I think it would invigorate the playerbase to an extent.

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Guys were in the next stylosa video!

Hey!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Its nice to think, but by the sound of it (from recent interviews) they are going full steam ahead with Ow2 and put all of their eggs in that basket outside maybe for skins and arcade/workshop content. (It also sounds like they are trying to rush it which is quite concerning, especially given how ow2 will overwrite ow1. I fear a reforged situation :worried: )

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I hope mercy has a snazzy new halloween skin. :eyes:


Well hello there~!!

I can’t say I ever expected to see a community manager on one of my posts, it’s a welcome surprise to say the least.


I can’t wait to see those skins, myself!

I don’t think it’ll be buggy/bad or anything-- I just think a lot of the content will be truncated on release. Imagining way less new heroes than anyone expects and a hugely unfinished PvE campaign.

Stands to be seen whether they’ll support and finish the thing either. Blizzard has a really hard time following up projects.