Extreme ping spikes and packet loss in EU and SA servers

The past few days I’ve been noticing a few extreme ping spikes in my games with almost total packet loss. Some hours the game is fine, others this happens almost every match. I hope the server maintenance later today fixes these issues, but I ran a few tests to collect some data.

Note: I often play with friends from SA and connect to their servers and the same issue happens, so I don’t believe this is tied to EU, but it’s what I was able to test on. Important to note as well is that one of my friends has been disconnected frequently without previous ping issues, while I NEVER get disconnected and am forced to leave(and incur the penalties for it).

I ran 12 tests on the practice range, monitoring which IP I was connecting to and what behavior I was encountering. All of those times I was connected to ams1(which is kind of weird since I’m in France but ok). At best I got a stable latency of ~43ms(I used to get 20ms…), at worst increased/total packet loss which would increase my ping exponentially up into the thousands.
Here are the servers I connected to:

  • ams1 (extreme ping spikes, sometimes stabilizing at ~110ms latency), got it 2 times same result
  • ams1 (stable at 46ms latency) got it 3 times same result
  • ams1 (stable at ~45ms latency)
  • ams1 (stable at ~45ms latency)
  • ams1 (extreme ping spikes and almost total packet loss, lowest stable ~120ms latency), got it 2 times same result
  • ams1 (stabilizing between 100-140ms, extreme ping spikes and packet loss but not as frequent), got it 2 times same result
  • ams1 (ping so high it took a long time to connect and let me choose a character, completely unstable and frequent packet loss)

Note: I only started recording the port later on as it’s probably not relevant, so not all instances have the port number.
More than once ping was so high the game struggled to connect to the practice range at all.
I have an excellent cabled internet connection, other games/services work fine and I have been able to play Overwatch even with other people using highly demanding connected services at the same time. This is recent and is not on my end, I ran other types of ping tests with google etc and everything is fine. I sent a support ticket but got the usual generic and unhelpful response.

Ive been experiencing what i think may be similar. Its not my wifi at all. I will just randomly get an absolutely horrific amount of lag mid game then it will go away then come back and this will keep happening till i get booted to title. Yesterday mid matches i would just get booted to the title screen mid action without any lag. Mine has been happening since near the end of last season. I think mine may be happening because someone is doing it to me though. This only happens when i play overwatch.

After the latest maintenance, the troublesome IPs have disappeared and been replaced with stable ones in my experience. Only time will tell if this stays, but it seems to have been fixed!