External Server Down SR Loss

I just got disconnected from a game, and lost SR, due to what was clearly an external server issue. Battlenet and Discord disconnected although my stream and other apps remained online.
While this was neither mine or blizzards fault, surely there should be a system in place to detect what would have been a large number of DC’s occuring at the same time and prevent SR loss for that period.
I checked with a friend who didn’t DC, so it must have been ISP dependant, although I wasn’t the only DC in the lobby and there were many reports of issues on monitoring sites.
Does anyone know if there is any sort of system in place, whether there is a way to reclaim the lost SR, or if it’s just bad luck and nothing can be done?

They don’t restore the SR, regardless of the reason. More info pinned at the top of this forum:

which is why they should change it .if somebody joins the game back within a minute .he/she should not be penalized . some people say it is unjust to the other 5 players .well it is more injustice to make people play with one less person because most people who dc dont come back cuz they know they will still get penalized anyway.

They monitor #general-discussion for suggestions, but not the troubleshooting forum.

i dont bloody care . general discussion topics are not solved also.

Okay, then why add feedback here? Just post it in a place where people who can make those changes will see it. The more people that request changes, the more likely they will consider or implement it. But yelling into the void isn’t going to solve anything.

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