Express Queue Reward

I Suggest to implement a system to reward players whom play other roles so when they want to play DPS they have an express queue with less waiting time.

So right now there are rewards of loot boxes and credits. But I suggest that if you play X amount of games with certain roles, you get an express queue for which ever role you want to play. This will Incentive those who only play DPS to play other roles and those (like me) that play Tank and Support just to not wait for those long queues on DPS to have the opportunity of playing DPS once in a while.

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Make that reward for wins, not a played games, otherwise trolling starts.

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I figure instead of express, or wins.

Just make it trade # minutes on Tank/Healer for # minutes in DPS queue.

So it doesn’t encourage fast games, which are usually throws or stomps.

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You can’t control how fast a game will progress
Unless you throw .

If you’re GM and got throw to bronze in offhours, and then stomp on peak hours.

That’s pretty controllable.