Experimental Transparency testing in the Forums

Your current experimental hours for the latest experimental should be open to everyone. That way we can at least seperate the theory-crafters ideas from the people rigorously testing it.
It’s actually important to have played it to be able to offer an opinion on it.

Edit: Literally no one willing to touch this post speaks volumes.

what specifically are you asking?

That you can see my hours on current experimental

Imagine how folks poo poo one another over rank. Baselessly. Means nothing.

Now imagine people picking each other apart cuz they have ten more hours in the experimental. A metric that does not necessarily correlate to how well you grasp the extent and intent of the changes. Some folks need less time to understand something. Some are better at critical thinking than others. Someone with ten hours who is right shouldn’t be quieter than someone with a thousand hours who is wrong. Means nothing.


While I understand your intent, there’s a fine line between wanting folks to provide nuanced and informed feedback and actively gatekeeping it.

Also, just so we’re on the same page: the current ExCard is not meant to be “serious”, at least as it relates to balance.


Did you tell the creators that? It seriously feels like the supports were given realistic changes, dps were give some attempts at rebalancing, and its pretty much only the tanks that are given exclusively silly changes. Feels like no one was on the same page with the balance changes.


Oh they knew


Wow that’s one of the most offensive things someone has ever sent to me, are you having a bad day?


Some of the changes are pretty good though, like the ult charge rate buff for Lucio, is there a chance at least some of the changes will go through to live?

I already have a note to poke Geoff and Co. (Hero Balance and Design) this week to ask if we’re entertaining the thought. I’ll let you know if I can share what we discuss.


There is nothing wrong with a bit of active gatekeeping.

To quote the top reply to the post you linked on Reddit because I agree:

“The person (sending that message to Flats) being really stupid aside, I feel like people would have gotten the “over-the-top” message a bit clearer if all the changes were actually over the top lol.

You’ve got stuff like Rein and D.Va becoming full on raid bosses from the tank changes, which are amazingly fun, but then you have stuff like Brigitte just losing all of her self-healing and becoming a spam bot.

Feels like the three creators didn’t coordinate on what level of ridiculous they wanted to go with, so the tank changes are absurd and OP and just fun, but the DPS and healer changes have a lot of stuff that feels more like potential real balance changes or just frustrating nerfs, which doesn’t make it much fun for the people wanting to try out stuff with those heroes compared to tanks.”


I think they all got the idea that it was supposed to be “over the top” but still were a little cautious of keeping it mostly playable.

Just look at these support changes that didn’t make it in for reference (Especially the Mercy ones :fearful:)

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Ouch, brig was going to be even worse

I still think the experimental should have overall been more towards the “make everyone OP” side of things (which is clearly possible when you look at rein and D.va.)
The changes for some heroes were too realistic and cautious and nowhere near “over the top”


This is a fair bit of critique and is something I’m happy to take accountability for. We’ve been discussing themes internally, and will do so with the next group of creators we work with.

This first iteration has been a great proof of concept. We’re going to continue to improve and iterate on these, and other community events, as we go.


Thank you AndyB, greatly appreciate the reply and looking forward to what’s to come!


Is it safe to assume the real, actual balance patches/PTR stuff is done for OW1 at this point and we will only be getting exp “fun” cards until OW2?

Because what’s the point in putting in/working on new balance updates to live game when they’re just gonna be thrown out/replaced with OW2’s reworks and 5v5 balancing?

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Prolly cuz that’s what you’ll be playing for the next year.

For those still playing this game.

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I appreciate the response, I suppose you’re right about the negative impact it could also have. Maybe there’s a middle ground I’m not seeing.
Regardless the cons would outweigh the pros here.

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You’d have a really hard time making Overwatch unplayable. The bones of the game are some of the most well-designed out there. They should have gone wild with making every hero powerful, but these YouTube/twitch people are compelled to cater to their biases.