Experiment time?

No, the Sigma buffs for the experiment are BS.

I doubt they took his balance seriously until he became meta but no one played him.

You have to speak responsibly as a dev on these forums. I’m sure he just didn’t want to invite every Sym main on the forums to ask when Sym 2.0 is going to be in the arcade.

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We’re working on getting patch notes into the game client. This will include experimental changes. It’s a staged roll out so our first version is not our long term goal. More on that later.


Perhaps taking the time to ask the community would help them make those decisions.

Again, two minutes and a chat box would make up for two years of silence.
And that’s not forgivable.

Oh how this is surprising, hello again jeff. We love to see and hear and you.
When that does happen, that is.

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By now you must realize that there is a vocal segment of this community that will sh!t all over anything new without ever giving it a chance – it’s a great way of getting attention and creating the impression of being a discerning gamer. Please don’t write this experiment off so easily.


This is a little bit different from even trying at all.
I will fully and completely admit that i’m aggressive about this game and it’s changes, but it’s not because i’m angry, or annoyed… i’m sad.

I want to enjoy this game again, and Jeff isn’t helping.

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we used to have this! what we learned:

–people like winning
–people do not like losing


Wow that’s sarcastic… i understand the meaning, but holy…
I’m usually the sarcastic one.


I’ll just leave this here

I know.

My favorite hero is Bastion level. Its only been a few weeks but I basically don’t play anymore.

I cannot imagine maining Bastion.

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the experiment was designed to try to alleviate long queue times for damage players. but we also wanted to hear player feedback, not just look at data.


Really need an opinion on Mei from you, Jeff.

A lot of us agree she could be just move to a Tank role, with no other changes. (Though then again a lot us don’t agree because this is the forums.)


Mei, Bastion… we need any opinion about heroes that are less often played.

Can adding Arrows showing teammates out of line of sight behind you for Tanks only (like how Super Smash Bros does it when a character is off screen) be a possible change to make Tanking less frustrating?


Seems an oversight that While You Wait isn’t available for Experimental Card.


maybe a minimap for teammates only?


I think some people would love a one-way feedback form. Something similar to what World of Warcraft has:

Granted the World of Warcraft feedback form merely opens a webpage portal to fill out a form which goes to who knows where (from our view), however many have told me they worry about how much you guys “read all feedback on the forums”. (I have faith there is a lot more to the process.) Others (as Emongg on stream mentioned), don’t like posting to the forums and getting stuck into arguments or debates with other members of the community.


agree. we’re already working on this. weirdly, a good version is harder than you might think.


That sounds good too. I know stuff like this can make the game more casual but more information generally leads to less frustration and more understanding

Is this the sort of gameplay we can expect for OW2? More specifically Roadhog and his kit? :rofl: ggs btw


Yea, i suggested it cause more often then not i dont realize my team is backing off when im playing tank LOL so ive thought of a minimap for teammates only for a while

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