Experiment time?

I wish I had the answers my guy.
Then I’d know if I can play a different game or if the few hours I get should go to Experimental mode if it interests me.

I hope we see things from “we know this hero needs changes so how bout these” to “how about adding two players to the team, try 8v8” and “hey, new arcade mode/ changes to existing arcade mode” but I ain’t the dev team nor do I have insider info.

We’ve got to wait and see unfortunately.

I hope they eventually split it into arcade style cards. If they only had one experiment running at a time, itd be a shame.

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Oh for sure. Im like… “Asking” as in… These are questions we should be asking.

Everyone is really caught up in the experiment itself, every thread is about … 321.

But I am taking the face Value of “experimental” to what Jeff said. I don’t think owl is gonna face a 321 overhaul overnight, ya know?

But… The experimental card is a new thing. This card is meant to be a long lasting addition. So… I think we need to ask these questions and not just…fantasize about what we want to see, so much as decide on how we want to :sparkles:do :sparkles:

We’'ll probably leave this up for a few days. A week at most. We want to cover a few “prime times” in each region as it will help with data collection. For example, at the time that I am posting this it is prime time on the east coast in the US.

Once the card comes down, the next changes coming to it will most likely be balance changes (things as extreme as 3-2-1 will be rare). I would expect the card to come up “every few weeks” and stay up for a few days, if that answers the question.

A bit confusing… but the PTR will also be coming up, possibly even during the duration of this current experiment. There are certain things that can only be tested on PTR and cannot be tested in an experiment. For example, if we wanted to make a change to Mei’s Ice Wall collision we would need a PTR for that. Purely random example… um yeah.


Thank you for the clarification, and giving your time to talk with us.

Can we expect changes and testing for heroes such as Bastion to come to the experimental card?

(Heroes who feel really really poor to play in the regular modes as of current.)


No. Mostly the card will just appear with little to no warning and won’t get a developer update.


Jeff I love playing tank again. You brought the power fantasy aspect back. I can’t go back to 222 as a tank


Oh, fair!
I really want the devs to use it a lot, for serious and fun stuff.

I’ve always wanted PTR for console and this is as close as I’ll get, and I really want it to be more than a waste of menu space.


Jeff, what’s about random match SetUps, the match says a random SetUp like: 2-2-2 or 4-1-1 or 0-0-6 and both teams have to play like this.

Love it. Log in an bam!, crazy new gamemode to play.

Any chance you could do this with the arcade?

Only a few days? Nooooo. I’m having so much fun playing it, I’m going to miss it so much when it goes away.


Jeff, will zarya get a nerf because I feel like her range needs to be tuned down.


the only reason i would see to change the collision to ice wall was if you were going to nerf it :slight_smile:

-p.s. please nerf ice wall

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Could you guys make balance changes to the mode faster and keep it longer? Maybe changing other heroes (not only tanks) would help the mode get better.

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I just love the wink wink at the end :smiley:

Thanks for the communication, always appreciated

I’m glad you’re enjoying it. The feedback is really polarizing. Seems mostly negative to me so far but that’s anecdotal.

FWIW, queue times are amazing. On average, less than 3 minutes. Damage queue times are currently 1 minute. 1.5 minutes in KR, our most impacted region…

But we’ll see how it settles. I’m not expecting this to go live given the community’s mostly negative reaction so far. But who knows.


That’s not NEARLY enough time. The novelty won’t wear off and your data will be meaningless. Don’t you employ any data scientists?


Jeff, do you want to do quick play together some time on a weekend?


Hmmm :thinking:


This is truly saddening to hear… i had hoped that knee jerk reactions wouldn’t have such a huge impact on such decisions.