Expectations on Overwatch Ascendants

This collection of short stories will be released on May 5th (in my opinion they were originally short stories for OW1 God challenges, but that’s just my hypothesis).

General thoughts on what to expect from it:

  • a meeting with Hanzo and hypothetically Kiriko. and I imagine we all know this to be a further criticism of the age difference that these two heroes should have. We seriously want to hope that there is a narrative fix in Kiriko age.
  • A short story dedicated to Symmetra and Lifeweaver: finally he too can have his own in-depth story like Baptiste had when it was released.
  • A story in Instabul for ANa and Soldier: let’s see what is certainly a sequel to Ana and Morrison after Egypt (valkirie short story and new bloods). I want to throw a hypothesis:will we talk about Emre Sarioglu, the agent of the white dome operation? Or maybe it’s Sombra, as seems from the cover of the book?;
  • A prequel about Ashe and Bob. I find it excellent that the author is the same as the novel “deadlock rebels”;

We have further hypotheses on what could be talked about in the short stories via the cover of the book:

  • This is the first time we’ve seen an official image of the 4junkers reunited. Can we hypothesize a collaboration between the 4 of them? An in-depth look at Junkertown’s social system under the queen’s reign? Maybe there will finally be references to the mysterious treasure discovered by Junkrat?
  • We clearly see Wrecking ball in his OW2 skin with the Lucheng interstellar logo. Is the hamster investigating the causes of the malfunction of the lunar colony?
  • For the first time we see Orisa OW2 in lore, shooting what appear to be Null Sector Drones into the sky: are we about to officially talk about the upgrades received after Hero fo Numbani?

I hope they are finally talk about what happened in Numbani months ago. Its one year since they are talking about Orisa defeating Doom and Efis cousin being in jail because he became a Talon symphatizer.

If you mean what they say voiceline, it refers to what happened in the book. what we don’t know is what happened next: when did Orisa’s upgrade happen? and who was the one who asked for Efi and Orisa’s help in the final chapter of the book?