Everything is completely wrong with this patch


It is kinda okay change, but keep in mind that it will also affect underpowered heroes too. It will make Torb an Orisa less much less durable. It will also make already squishy Winston and Hammond even squishier.

This is absolutely terrible. This change shows how incompetent lead balance/hero designer is. Because it shows that he does not know what is nerf stacking. Devs keep adding new Brig nerfs on top of previous ones even when previous ones are no longer needed. What the point of Rally nerf from 150 to 100 armor if now it will last only for 30 seconds? What the point of several CD nerfs of Shield Bash if now it deals no damage and cannot stun through shield? Where is any compensation? Recent +0.4hps buff was a complete joke.

Again, nerf stacking. It is a nerf on top of previous nerf of Matrix duration, which will not be needed after this one. And again - no compensation at all.

This one is my most loved one. No need to say that it solves no problems at higher ranks - there Reaper still will be completely useless and he will still have his terrible shadow step ability which was promised to be reworked ages ago, but at the same time this buff will make Reaper even more OP on lower ranks, where he is already very strong.

I genuinely can’t understand what is wrong with OW balance designer. It looks like he don’t know what he is doing and what he wants to achieve. Some changes solve no problems for higher ranks, but create a new problems at lower ranks. Tanks are already the least played and least enjoyable role, yet they are making it even worse.
And the worst part is that it takes AGES for devs to come up with these terrible changes.
Maybe it is time to start using PTR for actual testing of changes instead of previewing them? Maybe it is time to consider to change someone who is responsible for balance? When was the last time we get an actually good balance change that did not make more harm than good? Maybe this guy is better at map design? Or maybe he will be more useful in team of Diablo Immortal? Think about it.


He doesn’t have a clue and has no overall vision for the game. He will just take his shiny bald head and throw buffs/nerfs where he thinks it will make pros happy.


Also, ironically armor nerf will barely affect Reaper damage against tanks. It will provide him with glorious 0.5 damage per pellet or 10 damage per full shot.
10 more damage against armored tanks…