Every dps that one tricks is a thrower by definition


Doesn’t the in game report screen actively define throwing as - Intentionally making the decision to play worse than you can to lose the game?

And it goes on to say not switching is not throwing?
AND Playing Poorly is not throwing?

Like I cannot be the only person who sees the game spelling this out right? by the logic I see in this thread if someone switched to a character they are less good at at the behest of the team they are throwing as they are choosing to play a character they are worse at which they know will more actively contribute to a loss.


Well I guess I am banned. Good bye everyone


Have to disagree. If you have someone who 1 tricks a dps hero, they have their reasons. Comfort level, contributes, ect. Having them switch to what you want or some pro meta does nothing.

Also remember your group together for a reason - your at the same skill level.


Hate to break it to ya

But one tricking isn’t reportable or bannable

Neither is playing poorly(unintentionally)

Which also means a 1 trick unintentionally underperforming isn’t breaking any rules and shouldn’t be reported or banned.


Kind of, but to a lesser degree. Tanks and support have less characters, and some of them share some roles like main healer, etc.

The point is, don’t one-trick anything kids.


no they don’t. a person who plays rien on a dive map is throwing.


This is just an excuse to avoid developing team play. You can contribute more as a hero you know less if that hero has better team synergy. The problem is most people are very entitled and selfish. They enjoy the game their way only, even at the cost of the rest of the team. I can’t believe Blizzard let this toxic one trick mentality infest a flexible team based, counter play game…


So the problem all started with one tricking.


It depends on the context. Banable throwing in ranked is indeed just how it’s described. But simply being the reason your team is losing is another common situation in which the term “throw” can be used. For example: if a Winston keeps jumping in at the wrong time and to the wrong place and dies fast, you can say that the Winston threw the game. Even if it wasn’t exactly intentional.


Blizzard’s definition of throwing requires intent; So if it is not intentional, then it is not throwing.


actually, playing poorly isnt reportable. says so in the report function. everyone can have good days and bad days … however, i understand what youre saying and thats active sabotaging your team


This is wrong on so many levels I don’t even know where to begin.

Tanks and supports need to change their heroes for different situations, just like DPS. What if you have a Mercy OTP on your team when your whole team wants to go Zen GOATS? What if you have a stubborn Hog OTP on your team when you really need Rein / Zarya? What if you are running double sniper on Junkertown 1st and you really need a Mercy?

I could go on. You don’t get a free pass for playing tank / support. You don’t deserve special treatment. Every role needs to change their heroes depending on the circumstance. Enough with the double standards.


You do get banned for it though after reaching a certain amount of reports from salty players who are trying to scapegoat someone.

It starts with a 1 day ban then a 2 day ban then a 4 day ban (Which im on now) I assume the next is a 8 day ban…


Oh sure, a bad one is just gonna feed ultcharge.

Which is way worse than an useless DPS.


You can be a one trick and cooperate. What you mean to say is they choose not to accept someone’s outside subjective opinion.

Last night someone said something similar to me (in QP no less), and I made the point I could swap to another hero they wanted, but in by doing so I’d be functioning at a lower degree of performance. Would he rather have me on an Ashe to stroke his own ego and lose, or have me on Pharah where we might have had a fighting chance if he focused on the fact we didn’t have a healer or tank instead of the fact I was a Pharah OTP.

I have yet to get banned, suspended or even warned about “gameplay sabotage” for “uncooperation” and or “throwing”.

But nice try.


So I threw my way to top 500? Lul


Idk the healers seem pretty thank full when I kill the flanker killing them

it’s not like dps have ults that help against crowd control OH FREAKING WAIT.


I don’t see the term “throw” in that quote. Throwing =/= Gameplay Sabotage.


Not to the full potential if the tank and support picks for that map and/or teamcomp is suboptimal. If it is, support and tank one-tricks are by definition: throwing.


Anything other than flexing is a throwing, but only if youre getting hard countered and not helping your team. If you cant be skilled enough to play at least 1-2 heroes from every category then you are holding your team back with this selfish play.