Ever get into a game with 1 missing player

And then it removes you because it can’t find a player, only to put you in a game needing even more players?


Yes… It’s really annoying.

Usually what’s going on under the hood in these situations is that the matchmaker actually found 12 players and began to load them into the map but the “missing” player either dropped or had a very slow load time (either due to hard drive or bandwith).


The missing player saw it was a 2cp map.


If only I went software engineer instead.

so what you are saying is… you are going to buff bastion?


Even if he answers a question on the fora it’s not good enough. And folks wonder why they rarely show up.


I’d rather he not show up than answer a question that doesn’t take a Blizzard employee to answer. That being said, he just responded to another thread which was much more relevant (QOL suggestions), so he is actually contributing and not just showing up.

like was already said - literally anyone could have made the post Jeff just made. if people are unhappy with the state of Overwatch, and the posts Jeff is making right now change the way they feel about Overwatch, that would be extremely weird because absolutely nothing Jeff is saying has anything to do with the state of the game

not knocking the guy, glad he showed up, but idk why you think his presence alone should instantly inspire some sort of rally among the discontent

Because he is doing what people have whined for the devs to do since I joined the fora.

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Me neither. It’s good that developers can help players understand how some mechanics in the game work, even if they are small things like the matchmaking.

To expand on Jeff Kaplan’s answer, in Competitive Mode it will abort the match and penalize the missing player. This protocol helps prevent the dishonorable practice of “queue dodging” and encourage those who have a technical malfunction to stop playing Competitive until they troubleshoot the issue.

As one of the forum MVPs, I see many players report in the technical support forum about getting the “Failed to connect to the server.” error message. This is what the missing player sees when this issue occurs. It can be a frustrating experience to say the least if you find yourself not being able to connect. Just remember to test your connection, and play several rounds of quick play before trying again in Competitive. Penalties cannot be reversed even if you don’t load into the match.

Yes, that’s exactly what he’s saying, spread the word! bastion will be buffed!

Its way more annoying when match in progress gets canceled because 2+ players left.
Sometimes matchmaker cant find enough players to backfill, especially in low population modes/servers.
Just recently I was playing FFA DM on PTR and I was about to win. Then 2 players left and match was canceled. I didnt get that win.
I’ve also seen this happeing in CTF on live servers. Ppl start to rage quit when another team scores. Sometimes the whole team leaves in a matter of seconds and matchmaker cant find enough players fast enough. Then match gets canceled and winning team gets nothing.

I once got into a Lucioball match with a 2 stack, and the 2 stack dropped out almost immediately leaving me standing in the goal on my own lol. I proceeded to score 2 goals before I got new teammates.

Or they left immediately upon seeing Doomfist Hanzo Widow picked on their team.

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It’s bandwidth ya dipstick!

Jeff, it’s spelled “bandwidth”. Not “bandwidth”

i just want you to fix comp literlly ranked low silver with 8 wins 2 lost …

This is so sad, can we nerf Sombra?