[EU] Looking for a chill small Group, Clan or Player(s)

Looking for a chill small Group, Clan or Player(s) to adventure with. :volcano:

:information_source: Who am I?
I am a casual Overwatch 2 male :male_sign: gamer that turns 26 this year, and have been playing on and off since early 2017. Working nightshift every other week currently, so have plenty of time to play daily/weekly. Mainly picked up the game after my ex introduced it to me and played it with her regularly, but that was back in 2020. How the time flies huh… :face_holding_back_tears: I usually main Tank and D.Va was the very first I mastered and now I usually main Roadhog/Mauga :fire: I can flex all heroes, and have essentially mastered them all to a certain degree, but still a few that I would consider a learn-in-progress (i.e like Tracer, Illari and Sojourn). I usually hover around gold-plat, since I just haven’t gotten that same “spark” :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: to really try my best, but if I put my back into it, I could climb. Also, I haven’t touched Valorant or League of Legends. So… that means I’m still a pure and innocent gamer at heart (sorry not sorry gamers xD). BUT… I am a weeb and thus is a big Anime fan, so expect the occasional uwu’s and owo’s a lot. Albeit, I do believe myself to be more of the “normal kind”, if that is a thing? Casually playing Comp on alt accounts as I rather avoid ranking on my main before the new rank system is implemented, and have since hovered around gold to plat since I’m having a good time in a lower elo. Mostly play Quickplay on my main. Haven’t really used comms all that much, but I have a good mic, so if its needed, I can communicate.

I do mostly only play on PC EU, as NA servers tend to have a bit higher ping, usually hover around 30-40ms on EU and 80-90ms on NA, so its not terrible, but I rather not limit myself to a higher ping if possible, as the game is best enjoyed with a decent ping.

Got any group, clan or players that comes to mind?
Send them my way and I’ll catch them with my defense Matrix! :sparkles:
Evidently, you may also reach out and add me on Discord (@milim). :blue_heart: