Ethernet connection disconnects only when playing Overwatch

So I started using a wired Ethernet connection because I was having constant lag spikes in the game with wireless internet. It worked well for the first few hours, but then I came back later and tried playing again. 5 minutes into the game, my entire Ethernet connection shuts off, and I’m given the error “the default gateway is not available” in troubleshooting settings. The internet reconnects after the troubleshooter resets the Ethernet adapter, but then I’ll log into Overwatch and it’ll break the connection again after 5-10 minutes of playing. The Ethernet connection works fine and doesn’t break when on YouTube, have multiple tabs open, or anything else besides Overwatch. I tried all the methods of updating the drivers, disabling power saving internet option, flushing dns, resetting ip and so on without any luck.

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Overwatch doesn’t have enough control over your hardware to turn off your internet, or crash the equipment in your house. Instead, it sounds like you’re experiencing a data flood on either your PC’s internet adapter, the router, or the modem. There are a few more steps you can try here:

How is this not fixed I’m experience the same issue, I’m on the latest network drivers, on ethernet cable, Done the following steps
netsh winsock reset

Still have the issue.

This is the only game which does this I run a gaming router, top spec pc so network is connected via 2.5gb port what is the fix for this?

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