Escort/Hybrid the only "fun" modes IMO

I’ve been experimenting with comp this season with a new account. My main account Normally hovers at low Gold. This account placed in Bronze and it has been absolutely terrible trying to climb out of bronze and silver. I’ve started to notice a pattern with my W/L in my journal. I win more hybrid/escort and have about a 50/50 with 2cp. Control is where the stats start to take a nose dive.

As a DPS I feel like I actually have an impact in Escort/Hybrid maps but 2cp and control there are games where nothing I can do will perk up the tanks and support. On offense It’s difficult to get anyone to contest the point even after getting picks and having the numbers advantage. If i try to contest the points I end up feeding because the rest of the team doesn’t seem to be confident to go in.

The days that Escort/Hybrid maps are served up more often are the days I climb and the days where control is more often I lose hundreds of SR. I know saying a Gold playing in Bronze/Silver on a new account sounds like smurfing but with my stats apparently I’m trash. I just can’t find a way to make any impact in 2cp/Control as a DPS. It’s super frustrating.


honestly - as long as it isnt 2cp.

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I hear you. I usually do well on defense, but on attack I tend to get pummeled, regardless of hero.

I personally perform best on Payload/Hybrid maps but in turn I assume that most DPS players do (tanks and supports as well).

High skill heroes like Genji/Doomfist/Tracer/Sombra (Excluding widow) aren’t “as well suited” in terms of long game engagements.

What I mean is, the longer the game, the more pressure there is for consistent picks from DPS. I find myself much more fatigued trying to play these heroes. Doesn’t mean you can’t, but it requires the entire team comp to be supportive.

Whereas on 2PC and KoTH, high value engagements from tracer/Genji/doom/Sombra can have instantaneous effect on a team fight. Which means you need to consider your hero pick based on the map.

Some 2PC/KoTH maps are better suited for Dive, some for brawl, and others a slightly slower pace like double shield or bunker (Ilios Ruins for example)…

Just my experience… Others may disagree…

Sub-thought, I think I mostly default to Tracer for KoTH maps. I always find Pharah to be decent for 2PC since ranged heroes requires much more control over your mechanics…

My hero pool doesn’t lend well to control maps and they’re also the games I tend to have to swap to soldier the most just to find a little sustain. It’s also the game mode I hear the most toxicity toward DPS in. Every time I see a control map I know I’m about to lose 50 or more SR. (this seasons SR loss has been BRUTAL)

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Lol… Yeah… Because most tanks, ESPECIALLY in gold, just want to be carried through games…

Time to hit that quick play or use your alt account homie :joy: That’s the purpose of alt accounts, to practice heroes in a competitive environment.

I’ve been playing a smurf account earlier this seasons. Would have figured I’d see some sort of PBSR at play from 900-1400ish at the very least but it never happened. I apparently have no earthly clue what Blizzard thinkls DPS should be doing because it isn’t killing apparently.

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PBSR is a small modifier for playing well. It’s enough to help you climb with a 50/50 win rate, but it won’t double your SR gains. It’s more like +5, not +50.

So what’s this +50SR everyone keeps saying will happen when you’re smurfing?

Many things go into determining your SR gains or losses, most of them are not PBSR. You can find a lot of details and sources in this post:

Back when streak bonuses were a thing, smurfs could get 100+ for a win after a few games but that is gone now and you have to be stomping really, really hard to even get close to 50. Unless you just leveled a new account or didn’t play for some time, because then you’d get bigger swings until you settle back into place.

It’s not just about elims. It’s more about final blows/10 mins, dmg/10, deaths/10.

My experience anyways. The games I had ridiculous SR gains (only like 35 on my main climbing through plat), I had either all golds or a gold and silvers. If I only had all silvers, I’d only get like 25 SR compared to 35

I guess this is probably where my problem is then. Contesting objectives in overtime snowballs a lot.

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Yeah… That’s the hardest part about low Elo… Convincing tanks that they need to be on point and not you (DPS)…