Error when applying update(HF-5

When you enter any game, it appears applying an update before you count the game. It just does not leave this screen and after a while you are expelled from the queue and ends up returning to the initial screen and ERROR APPLYING UPDATE (HF- 5)

There’s a server issue at the moment. Devs are aware and working on it. Please don’t queue for comp right now you avoid losing SR due to the issues.

Thats kind of BS, not getting your Sr back for a bug in the game, that you didn’t even get to JOIN or PLAY. Like, how is that right? How is that fair? I have proof of the Sr lost and my previous games. We didn’t do it, the game did. Just like that old Hammond Mine bug, like this wasnt the players fault, it’s faulty programming, we shouldn’t get penilized for that. smh.

I’m just spreading the news as I read it. I don’t know what reasoning they have for it. There might be technical limitations.

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