Error 5009- help

So, I have this friend that I unfriended an blocked (as a joke) and I tried to friend him again, but I got error 5009, and I’ve kept trying to friend him again for the past few days, but it still won’t let me. What can I do to get him back on my friends list?


Has your friend tried to add you? Did they also block you as a joke?

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No, they didn’t block me back, but they have tried to friend me again (nothing showed up on my end).

when a joke backfires XD


The same thing happened to me I don’t know what to do were you able to sort it out or?

Is there any way to fix it?

Same thing is happening to me and my friend rn

SAME HERE!! It’s happening to me. Is there a way to fix it?

For anyone in the future the way to fix this is to just block them again then unblock them and try friending them again. I think the issue is with overwatching still thinking your blocking.

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